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Bathroom Storage | Vanities, Hardware and Cabinets Give You More Room!

Bathrooms are the most important room in a house, but they also tend to be the smallest. Because of this, you must have adequate storage to keep the room organized and free of clutter. Many options are available, from additional cabinets added during a remodel to the simple installation of other hardware items. Let's go through your options.

Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity features a sink and surrounding cabinetry. While a stand-alone pedestal sink works well in a small bathroom, it does sacrifice the storage room that a vanity provides inside or on open shelves below. Vanities now come in a wide array of options, including multiple choices in the categories of size, shape, material, finish and design style.

For example, common style options that match the furniture in the rest of your home include traditional, contemporary, transitional, antique, and cottage. You can choose a single or double vanity with single or double sinks, and widths can extend to your specifications with custom pieces.

Wood, granite, marble, glass, iron, metal and even wicker or rattan options are available, with finishes available to complement or match existing cabinetry in your home.

Decorative choices are seemingly endless when it comes to bathroom vanities, with recent trends including pieces that resemble a small dresser in their craftsmanship. Simply find the perfect marriage of style and storage to meet your wants and needs.

Bathroom Cabinets

Whichever bathroom vanity you choose will likely be part of a collection, from which you can select additional cabinetry for the room. Wall cabinets, or a medicine cabinet in its most simple form, offer storage space behind doors and in small drawers, as well as below for those that also include a towel rod at the bottom. Most feature a mirror front, but there are some without if you want a plain cabinet door.

Linen cabinets, typical tall storage units, also are included in collections, allowing you to dedicate shelves in your bathroom to extra towels and the like. Some hide items behind doors, while others feature open shelves on which you can store towels or bins to hold other items.

Bathroom Hardware

If the addition of a bathroom vanity or additional cabinets is not in the budget this year, you can increase the storage space in your bathroom by installing hardware. Common bathroom hardware items include:

Wall-mounted mirror - If you need a close-up view of your face, whether while shaving for him or putting on makeup for her, a wall-mounted mirror increases your surface storage space by allowing you to get rid of the kind of mirror that sits on the counter. These also come in a variety of finishes, such as chrome and brass, and in multiple magnifications.

Hooks - These handy accessories come in temporary and permanent versions. A temporary hook simply slips over the top of the bathroom door, and the permanent screw into a door or wall. The temporary can catch your towels or robe at times, as they move easily. If you don't want to risk hanging a permanent hook off center or damaging the surface during installation, your professional handyman can complete the job for you in no time.

If you don't already have them, towel and toilet paper holders also increase the storage space in your bathroom by freeing up room on the counter and shelves. Another common addition in the homes of senior citizens is the grab bar for the bath, shower and toilet area. These sturdy bars help prevent elderly people from falling while in the bathroom.

All of the above bathroom storage items come in a wide range of prices to fit just about any budget. Whether you plan to completely redo your bathroom with help from your professional handyman or simply hang a hook on the back of your door, you can always increase the storage in this most important room in your house.

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