Bathroom vanity

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets and Sinks

Don't just keep shutting the door to that bathroom project! Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax but also a place that provides functionality for daily use. We can help you bring your bathroom up-to-date with style.

Vanity Cabinets

An easy way to transform your bathroom in one weekend is to upgrade the look with a new vanity cabinet. The first thing to decide is choosing the right cabinet for your space. Are you purchasing a cabinet for a single sink or a double sink? Usually the square footage of your bathroom will predetermine this for you. Next, you need to decide if you are going to purchase the cabinet with or without the vanity top. Many vanity cabinets can be purchased with the top included to complete a stylish look for less money. However, if you like a particular cabinet a vanity top can be purchased separately to complete the look. bathroom-remodeling


A drop-in sink is the most traditional choice to finishing off the look of a vanity cabinet. This is where a measured hole is cut into the countertop and the sink is secured into the surface. A majority of drop-in sinks are porcelain but you can always make it look fancier with a designer sink faucet. Installing a drop-in sink can be a project for a do-it-yourselfer or if your countertop is composed of stone or other hard materials you may prefer to have a professional complete the project.

An undermount sink will add a clean look to your bathroom. Installed under the counter, they blend seamlessly and show of your countertop. These sinks are available in many stylish options for your bathroom. You can purchase them in glass, porcelain or stone. In addition you can choose from different shapes such as rectangular or oval. With so many options to choose from the possibilities are endless.

Bathroom-Remodel Vessel sinks are a contemporary and elegant option for your bathroom. These sinks are a free-standing sink that are mounted directly onto the top of the countertop. You can find these sinks made of stone, marble and glass. Vessel sinks require a different counter height than a traditional bathroom sink. Make sure to take this into account since it will impact the placement of the pipes.

Cannot find a vanity cabinet that works for you? Selecting a pedestal sink can create more usable space and they are a gorgeous addition to any bathroom. Despite the fact that a pedestal sink does not provide any storage you can still make this option work for you. Since a pedestal sink takes up less space you can place baskets underneath the sink, use wall hung cabinets or shelves to provide plenty of storage space.

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