Bathroom with marble tub

Choosing a Shower Tub vs. a Walk-in Shower

Choosing a shower tub vs. a walk-in shower may seem like a simple decision. Many people have a specific opinion on whether they prefer to take a bath or shower. On the other hand, some people like to take a shower one day and a bath the next. So how do you decide which option is better for you? Allow us to highlight a few benefits for each to make your decision (a little) easier.

Benefits of a Shower Tub: bathroom with marble tub

  • Baths are known to be a therapeutic and healing
  • A bath will help your circulation and can often relieve pain from joints and muscles
  • A shower tub will take up more room in a bathroom but will allow for the versatility of taking a shower or a bath, depending on your mood
  • Tubs can have an element of design and architecture that are lacking in a shower. You may choose a claw foot tub for a more sophisticated look or a classic tub for a more dependable look that lasts
  • You can customize a shower tub with jets to better control the temperature of the water
  • A shower tub is an ideal option for bathing small children or a growing family
Benefits of a Walk in Shower:
  • A walk in shower will take up less room in a bathroom to allow for organizational space or double sinks
  • On average, taking a shower will use less water than if you take a bath
  • With a good shower head, a shower can feel like a message and provide hydrotherapy
  • If you have back issues or suffer from a disability, a walk-in shower will be easier for everyday use. Walk-in showers are safer than tubs since you don't have to step over the side of a tub. Most tubs are typically 16 inches higher or more
  • A walk-in shower has a modern look and is easy to clean
  • According to the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), your home will still retain value if you convert a full bath walk-in shower to a 3/4 bath with a walk-in shower

Many cost options are available for every budget whether you choose a shower tub or a walk-in shower. You can pay more for a high-end materials or save a few dollars on the tile or enclosure. Either way, make sure to make the choice that works best for you in your home!

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