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Top 3 Bathroom Tile Repair Options

bathroom tile repair
Ugh! Not a cracked tile!

Cracked bathroom tile...

Ugh. We know. They're so annoying.

A cracked bathroom tile stares at you menacingly while you get ready for work in the morning. It laughs at you mockingly when you brush your teeth before bed. It's an eyesore. And you wanted it fixed yesterday.

We know how you feel. Bathroom tile repair is one of our specialties. And we're here to help you through it. Mr. Handyman is your best buddy when it comes to this topic. So let's buddy-up and talk about it.

Although the maintenance for tile is relatively low. That doesn't mean there isn't any at all. If you have tile in your bathroom (or your kitchen for that matter) you should be maintaining the caulking and grouting. When grout or caulk become discolored or begin to erode, that is the time to consider putting in some elbow grease (or calling Mr. Handyman) to do bathroom maintenance with grout and caulk before your tiles become more susceptible to damage.

For cracked tiles, depending on the volume of tiles cracked, you have a few options. We'll go in order of most frugal to most costly:

  1. Buy a rug and cover it up. We're not joking! If it's the bathroom tile floor and you can cover the crack with a rug, why not? Sure, it's a Band-Aid, and the crack will probably get worse over time but if you're looking for a thrifty option then this is it.
  2. Replace cracked tiles only. Option A: If you only have one or a handful of cracked tiles you can simply replace the blemished ones with matching tile. But this is where it gets tricky. Depending on how old your tile is, the new tile will more than likely not match exactly with the older tile - even if you get it from the same dye lot, because over time, tiles can fade or become discolored. Option B: If you don't want to go the matching tile route, you can mix things up a bit and go with a pattern. For example, if your cracked tiles are situated in a way that you can make a pattern: checkerboard, alternating, herringbone, etc. you can purchase a complementing color or pattern with your existing tile.
  3. Replace all tiles. If the damage to your tiles is more than a few, then you may want to consider replacing all of your bathroom tiles. This will be the more costly option. However, a professional bathroom retiling will last for years, has very low maintenance, and can make for an enjoyable enhancement.

So, what option are you considering for your cracked bathroom tiles? Aside from #1, Mr. Handyman can help. Unless you really need assistance with choosing a throw rug...

Mr. Handyman can maintain your home to save you money. One call really does take care of everything on your to-do list. Make sure to stay on top of all your household repairs, improvements and maintenance needs and request service now online.

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