White window on a yellow house with flower box

How to Build a Window Flower Box for Mother's Day!

white window on a yellow wall

What mother doesn't like flowers? One gift that you can give any mom for Mother's day is the gift of a garden. No matter where you live, whether it be an apartment or house or a condo, most homes can accommodate a window box so you may enjoy a flower garden or an herb garden.

First decide on where you want to place the window boxes. Where your windows are located will determine the amount of available light and the size boxes you can have. You will also want to take this into consideration when choosing what to plant in the boxes.

Once you know where to place the window boxes decide on what type of wood you would like to use. Keep in mind characteristics that will make these long-lasting and look appealing in your landscape. Many wood planters can also be sealed or treated to prevent fading or graying of the wood, so almost any type of wood can be used to build a planter. A few suggestions may include redwood, cypress or pine.

Next, determine the size of the box your window can hold in length, width and depth. The width of the windows determines the final length of the planter. The depth and height should be large enough to hold pots or an amount of dirt that will retain moisture for a few days.

After determining the full width of the planter, cut the front, back and bottom boards to the appropriate length along with the end caps. Lay the bottom piece of wood (bottom of your window box) onto a flat surface. Place the back of the window box flush against the back edge of the bottom piece and secure with glue and nails. Place one end cap of the window box inside making sure to have a perfect angle. Then glue and nail the pieces together. Repeat the same process with the other end cap. Secure the last piece of wood (front of window box) onto the front with glue and nails. Drill a few holes in the bottom of the planter to allow drainage. Sand away any and all rough edges until the box is perfectly smooth on all sides.

If desired, attach a finished piece of finish molding around the top of the box to give it a more polished look. Stain or paint the box the color desired. Finish off with a protective clear acrylic coating that is resistant to the elements.
Line the planter with landscape cloth to keep the dirt from sifting out. Attach the flower box to the house with screws. Add gravel to the bottom of the window flower box to assist in drainage. Fill the box with planting soil and add flowers.

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