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Master Bedroom Ideas | Create the Perfect Space for Your Bedroom


What makes a master bedroom comfortable? It must be visually appealing, yes, and the bed and other furniture must be to your liking. But do not underestimate the importance of organization to creating a relaxing, clutter-free retreat. Keep both aesthetics and order in mind when creating the perfect bedroom. These past Mr. Handyman blog posts can help!

Master Bedroom Makeovers | Ideas for Bedroom Color, Drapes, and Closets

If your bedroom needs a full makeover, get tips on how to pick a color palette for the space. Blue remains a popular paint and décor color for the bedroom due to its serene effect. We also offer advice about paint application and window treatments. Read more in Master Bedroom Makeovers.

Wall Mounted TV - Can I Install It Myself or Should I Hire a Handyman?

Those who choose to have a TV in the master bedroom can get perfect placement and save space by hanging it on a wall. We provide a step-by-step guide to hanging the appliance for those who want to take the DIY approach. Seeing the work involved also helps you decide if outsourcing the task to a professional handyman might be a better idea. The last thing you want to have happen is for the TV to fall and become damaged if not well secured. Read more in Wall Mounted TV.

Closet Design Ideas | Great Ideas for Small Closets to Walk-Ins

As noted above, organization allows for a clutter-free bedroom, which helps to create a space in which you can truly relax at the end of the day. One of the keys to keeping clothing and other items where they belong is the closet. We explain the different types of closets and how each can offer optimal space and organization. We also introduce you to several online tools that can help you design the perfect layout. Read more in Closet Design Ideas.

Master Bathroom Ideas: Get the Most Out of a Master Bath Makeover

The aesthetics and organization of your master bedroom should flow into your master bathroom, or you risk not only a jarring transition but also the creation of a mess than can spill into your sleeping space. We talk about the many ways you can makeover your bathroom, either bit by bit or all at once. Replace your bulky cabinet sink with a pedestal one, for example, and add new hardware to match. Accessories also can make the world of difference if only opting for a partial makeover. Read more in Master Bathroom Ideas.

Mirrors | Choosing the Best Mirror for Your Master Bedroom or Bath

Replacing the mirror in your bathroom also can make a huge difference, both during a partial and full makeover. We offer advice on choosing the right one for the space, which also can be applied if you want a large mirror hanging in your bedroom. Read more in Mirrors.

Vanity Table and Custom Makeup Tables for Your Master Bedroom

Those with smaller master bathrooms may want to add a vanity table to the bedroom. That way, the woman of the house can have her own space for various beauty products and accessories. We talk off-the-shelf and custom options as well as how to incorporate such a table into the flow of both rooms. Read more in Vanity Table and Custom Makeup Tables.

As with any home improvement project, we are available to discuss and implement any of the ideas from our blog. You may want to tweak one to fit your personal aesthetic or a specific space. We can also start from scratch with inspiration you find elsewhere.