Wall Mounted TV - Can I Install it myself or should I hire a Handyman?

Making a purchase to buy a flat screen TV can be confusing. What size TV should you purchase? What type of screen would work better, Plasma or Liquid crystal display (LCD)? These are all good questions but here is a bigger one, where should your new TV go and how are you going to install it? Many people choose to mount their TV to the wall because it is pleasing to the eye and creates more floor space. We agree! However, mounting a TV on the wall may be harder than it looks. Here are the basics installation steps to know before you started or decide to hire a Handyman:

Step #1

Determine where and how high on the wall you will be mounting your TV. A good tip is to use painters tape to layout the size of your TV on the wall opposed to marking the dimensions will a pencil or pen. This will allow you to visualize the placement of the TV and provide a clear template to secure the TV to the wall with a wall mount kit.

Step #2

Use a stud finder to determine and mark the studs within the framing of your TV. Once the studs have been determined use a wall mount kit to secure the wide bracket plate to the wall and attach your TV to the mounting arms. The mounting arms lock onto the bracket plate, securing the TV to the wall. If you have metal stud framing, brick or other materials you will want to contact a professional since there are special methods used to secure a TV to these surfaces.

Step #3

Now that your TV is mounted you may want to hide the cables from your TV to your AV equipment. Using your stud finder make sure to know where the framing is from your TV wall mount to your AV equipment. Mark a spot to drill a hole below or next to your wall mount that is approximately 2-3 inches from the stud. Next, mark a second spot to drill a hole next to your AV equipment that is approximately 8 inches off the floor. The top mark should run in a straight line vertically down the wall to the second mark. Then use the stud finder to assure that there are no obstructions in the wall from the top mark to the bottom mark. Now you can drill or cut the holes that have been marked and carefully drop the cables from the TV to the AV equipment.

If these steps seem outside of your comfort zone you may want to consider calling a professional handyman to get the job done right!

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