Bathroom Flooring: Will it Be Vinyl, Laminate, or Tile for your Floor?

Bathrooms can be our personal oasis and private space away from the rest of the house. A beautiful bathroom is a magical thing. However, a bathroom with cracked, peeling, or moldy floors can become one of the biggest headaches! Not only do you have to consider style and cost, you must also remember the functionality your bathroom floor provides. Choosing flooring for your bathroom can be tricky, but we are here to help! We've hacked the most popular options for bathroom flooring and have all the facts so you can make an educated decision with ease.

Vinyl: Vinyl tiles are the most affordable option for bathroom flooring. They seem to come in infinite sizes, colors, and styles. Not only this, but they are extremely durable and easy to install or replace if you are looking for a do-it yourself floor installation. The only downside to vinyl flooring is the vinyl; if you are looking for sophisticated, high-end flooring this might not be the best option.

Cost: $.69-1.29 per square foot

Tile: Tile flooring can be a great option for a more aesthetically pleasing look than vinyl. Many high-end expensive flooring options are available in tile which gives a similar stone look without the stone price. The only downside we found to installing tile is the grout. Grout needs to be regularly cleaned for it to look its best. But if you're not afraid of cleaning grout, tile is an great option. Find some grout cleaning tips from Molly Maid here. To explore all of your tile options, click here.

Cost: $2.60-$5 per square foot

Concrete and stone: Concrete and stone is the most expensive option for flooring. But as they say, you get what you pay for. Textured concrete and marble stone is groutless, durable, and can last a lifetime. If you are looking to create your dream bathroom, stone might be a good option to consider. Just remember, some stone and concrete can be extremely slippery when wet and must be textured. If you love the marble look, but don't love the marble price tag, look into marble tile - it can be a cheaper option with a similar aesthetic look.

Cost: $9-25 per square foot

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