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Kitchen Flooring Ideas | Choose the Best Material for Your Kitchen

Flooring plays an important part in the look and feel of a kitchen. It should be chosen with the home's architectural elements in mind as well as to suit personal tastes. Let's take a look at flooring options for a few different styles of homes.


White, grey and black are common in today's modern kitchens. You can complement countertops , cabinets and appliances in these colors with a variety of flooring options. A decorative concrete floor will give the space an industrial feel, which would be perfect for a loft. Tiles in neutral colors but laid out in an interesting way will add visual interest without detracting from the streamlined look of the room.

If you prefer your modern spaces more warm than cool, opt for hardwood floors in a stain that allows your cabinetry to pop, such as a light-colored wood with white cabinetry, gray countertops and stainless steel appliances such as shown here. You also can create visual interest by mixing hardwoods as shown here. This design technique suits those who just can't seem to make up their mind on a stain.

Bamboo is another option if you like wood floors but want to make an eco-friendly statement in the kitchen. Not only does it fit well into modern design and costs less than hardwoods, it also has the sustainability edge, as bamboo grows much faster.


Hardwood and tile flooring suits traditional kitchens as well. Both can blend with cabinetry and countertops, or just as with modern kitchens you can use them as a contrasting element. Light tile floors against light cabinetry create a casual atmosphere, and darker tiles or hardwoods with lighter cabinetry set a more formal, sophisticated tone.

Cork and slate flooring also are options for modern and traditional kitchens. If you cook a lot, you will appreciate the comfort cork provides. It also serves as a noise reducer, a bonus if the sounds of work in the kitchen distract others in your home. Slate offers unique design options, as no two tiles are ever the same. Both are durable and come in a variety of design styles.

Spanish Mission

The most common choice for homes in this architectural style is tile. The options are endless, though. In the Spanish Mission styles homes of the Southwest, you will find tiles mixing to create decorative patterns as well as decorative tiles themselves serving as design elements such as runners and borders. If you do decide on an intricate design, opt for more subtle elements elsewhere in the kitchen.

Get Inspired

Pinterest offers an easy way to see a variety of flooring examples. Is your home Contemporary Colonial in style? Check out the mixed hardwoods on the floor of this kitchen. Or the tile flooring in this Spanish Colonial.

And while Craftsman kitchens tend to use hardwood flooring for the most part, the differences in stains on the floors and the cabinets are many. Check out the many examples here on Pinterest. Simply type in the architectural style of your home along with "kitchen" and you will find many sources of inspiration.

In addition to keeping architectural style and personal tastes in mind, consider durability and cost. Our post Tile Flooring | A Complete Category Review of Tile Flooring Choices gives you more information on ceramic tile, slate, travertine, granite, marble and glass. Our post Kitchen Floor Ideas | The Best Flooring Covering Options covers vinyl, linoleum and concrete in more detail as well.

Once you know more about the many options and have narrowed your choice, enlist the help of your professional handyman to make a final decision. He or she can steer you in the right direction and give you real costs for your kitchen flooring project.

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