Bathroom sink

Bathrooom Sinks: Explore Vessel, Pedestal and Undermount Sinks


Remodeling a bathroom requires you to answers dozens of questions. For example, what type of sink do you want? There are at least eight different kinds, after all. Let's take a look at them in detail so you can make an informed decision.

Undermount Sink

If you prefer a sink without a rim or lip, opt for the undermount. Its clean look suits homes with a modern design, but expect to pay more not only for the bowl but also for installation. The sink gets installed underneath the countertop or vanity and may require additional support, depending on the weight of the material from which it's made. Also, this type of sink does not have holes for faucets and attachments. Those will need to be cut into the surrounding surface.

Sink With Vanity

The sink-vanity combo suits small bathrooms as well as those in which the cabinetry will be limited to the sink area. Essentially a piece of furniture with plumbing running through, it serves as a focal point in the room and often comes as part of a set that includes matching mirrors, both traditional and within a medicine cabinet.

Vessel Sink

A vessel sink sits on top of the countertop or vanity and also requires cutting into the surrounding surface for faucets and attachments. Again, expect a higher installation cost with this type of sink, which because of its setting can come in a wide variety of shapes and designs.

Wall-Mount Sink

Another sink with a name that says it all, this one works well in small powder rooms that don't have enough room for a vanity or countertop. Simply mount on the wall, hang a towel rack to the side and slip a small wastebasket underneath to keep guests who use it happy.

Pedestal Sink


Add a pedestal to a wall-mount sink and you have this type. It also saves space in a small bathroom, allowing for a more airy, less cramped feel. Just like the wall-mount sink, though, you lose the storage that comes with cabinetry.

Console Sink

The same points apply to this sink, which sits on legs as two or four legs as opposed to one pedestal. Because the legs sit off to the side, though, it does provide room below for a wastebasket or pullout storage.

Drop-In Sink

This type of sink is budget-friendly and the easiest to install, as noted by its name: It simply drops into the countertop or vanity.

More Decisions to Make

Each of these sinks comes in a variety of shapes and materials. The next question you get asked will involve exactly that. Do you want vitreous china? Solid copper? Stainless steel? Hammered nickel? Glass?

When choosing a bathroom sink, first decide what you want to be the design focal point in the room. If you decide it will be an elaborate vanity, you might want to err on the side of subtle for the sink. If you decide it will be the sink, such as with a vessel, choose a more streamlined vanity.

Also keep the material of faucets and other hardware in the bathroom in mind. They can either be made from the same materials, such as nickel, or simply stay within the same warm or cool metal family to complement each other.

The bathroom, whether the master or a guest powder room, serves a very important purpose in the home so must be practical. That does not mean, though, that you can't express your design aesthetic through its many parts. Not only do you see it multiple times throughout the day, but it also is one of the rooms in your home that guests go into when visiting. Make a lasting impression.

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