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Small Bathroom Design Ideas: Smart Remodel Choices for Any Budget

Bathrooms in older homes are small-an average of 5 feet by 8 feet small. If you don't have the room or money to break through a wall and double the space, consider these small bathroom design ideas for your home.

Frameless Shower Door


If you prefer to have an enclosed shower , choose a frameless, clear design. The unobstructed view of the entire bathroom through the glass extends the visual space of the room. It's also a great way to show off any special tile work in the shower.

Wet Area


One way to increase a small bathroom visually is to replace a shower-tub combo with a tiled wet area. A drain in the floor and partial glass partition, clear or frosted, keep water within the shower area, and a continuous ceiling and lack of curb contribute to the appearance of additional space.

Translucent Sliding Door

Designers of the past often made small bathrooms feel even smaller when trying to provide privacy. If a door exists between the shower-toilet room and the sink-vanity area, consider replacing it with a translucent sliding door. It acts as a barrier, one that does not take up space when open as a traditional door does, and allows light to flow through the room like a solid door cannot.

Shallow Cabinets

Deep cabinets are a must in a master bathroom, but a guest bathroom with little room to spare can afford to give up storage space. Shallow cabinets and drawers free up room but still provide places for extra towels, toilet paper, and other supplies that need to be kept close by.

Pedestal Sink


Many owners of small homes give up the sink cabinet altogether in a guest bathroom. Trading the bulky cabinet for a pedestal sink makes the room feel less cramped, and a glass base around the sink rim can easily hold a visitor's essentials.

Ladder Towel Racks

Instead of installing a towel rack that holds two towels across, consider a ladder rack that not only provides storage for more towels but also creates the illusion of vertical space by drawing the eye upward. Streamline designs are available in a variety of materials to match or complement the hardware of cabinetry in the room.


Mirrors have long been used to create the appearance of more space in a room. Since a bathroom needs one anyway, a full-length and framed mirror hung horizontally gets the job done while also adding a designer touch to the room.

Wall-Hung Toilet

Depending on a home's structure, a wall-hung toilet may be an option. This sleek design sets the tank within the wall, pushing the bowl back and freeing up valuable inches of space in a small bathroom.


Lighting plays a key role in making a small bathroom look bigger than it actually is. Task and ambient lighting help achieve this effect, but the best way to do so during the day is with natural light. Removing a window that requires a covering and replacing it with translucent glass or glass bricks allows light in while also providing privacy. If the home's structure allows, consider a skylight as well.

When putting together a design for your small bathroom makeover , use one or several of these ideas to add the space you need without taking it from elsewhere in the home. Also keep resale value in mind during the decision process. Older homes offer charm many cookie-cutter houses do not these days, but a buyer values bathroom space. A small bathroom remodeled to appear bigger may make shoppers overlook the actual square footage and help you get a higher price. Mr. Handyman can maintain your home to save you money. One call really does take care of everything on your to-do list. Make sure to stay on top of all your household repairs, improvements and maintenance needs and request service now online. Repair. Improve. Maintain. One call does it all!