Kitchen with small island

Kitchen Island Designs: Smart Shapes to Amazing Accessories

Kitchen islands are oftentimes a welcome addition to one of the busiest rooms in your home. Not only do they create more counter space, but they can also give you more storage for pots and pans, and give you additional seating - perfect for Saturday morning breakfast! You can also build-in appliances into kitchen island; your oven, dishwasher and sink can all be added - it just depends on what works best for you and your home.

The modern kitchen island design below features the sink, oven, stovetop, counter and storage space for the entire kitchen. An island like this would be ideal for smaller, more open concept kitchen spaces. Considering this island has everything AND the kitchen sink (yes, cheesy pun intended) the kitchen activity is consolidated and compact - again, working for smaller kitchen sizes.

The kitchen island concept below focuses more on seating, storage and counter space. It doesn't contain all the bells and whistles like the modern island above, but sometimes that's all you need, especially if you like the layout of your existing kitchen and where your appliances are currently located. Some homeowners like to include an extra smaller sink with a garbage disposal, which is handy if you entertain frequently. Wine enthusiasts sometimes install a wine cooler within the island to save counter space.

Free standing kitchen islands are a hot trend right now. The one below also has a hanging rack above, so when cooking a delicious meal, all your tools are right where you can see them. The nice thing about free standing kitchen islands is if you decide to move, you can take the island with you! Assembly and installation for a free standing kitchen island like the one below can be complicated, time-consuming and frustrating. Mr. Handyman offers furniture assembly services so if a free standing kitchen island is on your Wish List we can help!