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Small Kitchen Design | Big Remodeling Ideas in a Small Kitchen Space

The smaller the kitchen, the greater the need for smart design during a remodel , especially if you don't have the option to increase square footage. Keep these ideas in mind when planning your new kitchen.

Clean lines create more room, both visually and physically.

A small kitchen with ornate cabinetry and oversized appliances will look small and feel cluttered. Choose cabinets with clean design lines and minimal hardware to streamline their presence. Or you can remove upper cabinets if you have sufficient storage space below and install light and airy open shelving.

Buy appliances that suit your everyday needs, not those of special occasions. If your food and drinks typically only take up half of your fridge, look at smaller models. And you don't need a double oven just for the one day a year you make a turkey AND a ham. The saved space will further open up the room.

One color on the cabinets and walls allows for better visual flow.

When you paint cabinets the same color as the adjacent walls, it allows the eye to move swiftly around the room, again creating clean lines and the appearance of more space. Opt for lighter colors, which reflect light, as opposed to darker ones that can create a closed-in feeling when used throughout the room.

Glass fronts on cabinets deepen the space.

Whether using existing cabinets or purchasing new ones, ask to see how they would look with a glass front. This style extends the room visually when used correctly, such as when you place only a stack of plates on a shelf and allow the viewer to see the back of the cabinets. The glass itself also lightens the room, especially if the cabinetry has a dark finish.

So does a mirrored backsplash.

Mirrors have been creating the illusion of more space since the dawn of design, but you may never have considered using one to do the same in your kitchen. Not only will the reflection open up the room, the surface is much easier to clean and keep that way than paint or other backsplash materials.

An interesting light fixture draws the eye up.

A stylish light fixture will add vertical depth to the room and also can serve as a statement piece in the room. Just keep in mind how low it hangs as to not defeat the purpose and create that unwanted closed-in feeling. Also be sure everyone in the home has enough clearance to walk underneath it if the light does not hang over an island or bar.

Ditching the window treatments lets in more light.

Unless neighbors or passersby can see into your kitchen, go without window treatments. Just as lighter paint colors reflect light and create the illusion of a bigger space, so will a window. If you do have privacy concerns, choose a blind the same color as the surrounding trim and one that will let in light but not prying eyes.

Clean lines on furniture also create more room, both visually and physically.

Many small kitchens double as an eating space. If yours does, opt for streamlined furniture as well. Look for thin but sturdy table tops and legs, and don't look at any chairs with arms. You really don't need to rest your arms during a meal. The same goes for any barstools if you have a bar or other opening.

For more kitchen design ideas, no matter the size of the space, check out our other kitchen design remodeling posts. We've got you covered from the design phase through to completion of the remodel.

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