Large kitchen with island

Custom Cabinets: Great Ideas for your Kitchen, Bathroom or Garage

If you are a homeowner that has an awkward kitchen layout or just a garage that is in desperate need of organization, custom cabinets might be the right solution for you. Custom cabinets are those that are built specifically for a homeowner and can provide you with design freedom and style. Here are a few items to consider before you contact a professional about your project.

What is your design style? Do you prefer a more traditional look or to you have an eclectic taste? The first rule to choosing custom cabinetry is to know what design style you are.

Design Styles kitchen in house

  • Modern Design- Minimalist home design that includes clean straight lines, the use of chrome and stainless steel, the use of a neutral color palette, also referred to as retro design.
  • Contemporary Design - Refers to what is popular right now, use of cutting edge materials, includes strong bold colors, clean lines, can barrow pieces and styles from different eras, often confused with modern design.
  • Traditional Design- Classic European décor, deep wood tones, architectural detail, elegant features, classic colors and elaborate moldings.
  • Eclectic Design - A combination of all the above design styles that all work together cohesively.
Now that you know your design style it is time to choose that cabinets and accessories that will make your space work for you. Cabinet Options Bathroom cabinetry and countertops
  • Flat-Panel Doors - Cabinets that have a flat center panel and look best with a traditional or contemporary design.
  • Raised-Panel Doors - Cabinets with raised center panels with contour around it and look best with traditional design.
  • Slab Doors - Flat cabinets with no panels or accents and look best with contemporary and modern design.
  • Accent Doors - Cabinets that serve more style then function and may include a bank of glass to showcase china, geometric patterns or molding.
Cabinet Accessories
  • Hardware - handles, knobs and door pulls
  • Pull-out tables to extend work space
  • Swing-out shelving and pull-outs
  • Rollout drawer trays and drawer dividers

If hiring a carpenter is not within your budget you can still have custom cabinets. Semi-custom cabinets are lower in cost but still allow for creative freedom for any space. This option of cabinetry provides mass produced cabinets but can still give the homeowner a choice on door styles, colors and materials.