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Home Window Repair and Replacement

New windows can have an enormous impact on your home. Not only do they improve its appearance, but today's windows also keep out more sound and increase energy efficiency.

We write about these topics regularly on the Mr. Handyman blog. Be sure to check out these posts about window repair and/or replacement before starting your next project.

Options for Replacement Windows

There are eight main types of windows: single hung, double hung, single sliding, double sliding, awning, casement, hopper and fixed pane. Each one works differently than the other and offers varying levels of energy efficiency. Your choices may be limited by your existing style of window, but learn about them all to understand which will save you the most on monthly utility bills; you might want to make frame changes, as well. You also can up the energy efficiency with certain types of frames and coatings, such as low-emissivity coatings that can reduce your cost by up to 50 percent. Read Replacement Windows Types and Styles.

How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

You also may face budgetary limits when choosing new windows. We point you toward calculators that help you estimate the low and high ends of replacement costs in your area. For example, the low cost within the 77008 Zip code for one replacement window is $348.04, and the high cost is $469.03. It helps to have this information when shopping, as you will be able to spot windows priced well above the average and negotiate with confidence. You also learn how to calculate the savings of Energy Star-rated windows in What Is the Cost of Replacement Windows?

DIY Replacement of a Rotten Windowsill

Many rotting windowsills can be saved! We tell you how to assess the damage and the process involved in repairing or replacing it. You also learn the supplies and tools needed to take the DIY route, which helps you to decide whether or not to hire a professional to do the work. You may already have some of the lower-cost items, but shelling out for a table saw can make doing it yourself less than cost efficient. Learn more in What Does It Take to Replace a Rotten Windowsill?

DIY Window Repair for Your Home

Speaking of repairs, there are a variety of reasons why you may need to give your windows a little TLC. In addition to wood rot, parts can come loose, moisture can build up between panes, and there are the fly balls and birds that break many a window each year. Did you know that you can replace just a pane? We tell you how. We also offer advice on how to retain the aesthetic value of other windows through repair for those with historic homes. Read Home Window Repair.

Shrink Wrapping Your Windows

Did you know that you can apply the same concept used to preserve food as a way to improve the energy efficiency of your windows? We tell you exactly how to do it with step-by-step instructions and even recommend a specific product. Shrink wrapping seals windows inexpensively and reduces your utility bills. It might be a way to stay comfortable while saving up for a more costly window repair or replacement project. Learn more in Window Insulation: Reduce Heat Loss by Shrink Wrapping Windows.

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