Hammock on a porch

Front Porch Ideas | Screen it, Decorate it, or Install a Porch Swing!

Your front porch is that charming area where you can gather with friends, get lost in the shade and relax with an ice cold beverage. It is an additional living space, connecting your interior with your exterior, great for welcoming and entertaining guests, and is the first (and sometimes only) impression for passers-by and neighbors. Here are three front porch ideas for improvement...

Plants bring life to the space. Add a little green to your porch! This is a very inexpensive and effective way to spice up what was a rather dull and lifeless porch. You may ask yourself "there are so many options, how do I choose?" This is often determined by how large the porch is and the specific structure of the porch. Here are a few general rules of thumb:

  • Hanging plants are a welcoming classic
  • Ferns in an urn provide an elegant touch

Comfortable and functional is a must. If your porch is being used to relax, entertain guests or take a break from the sun, then it's important that it is both comfortable and functional. A great way to make your porch more welcoming is by installing a porch swing! Porch swings allow for comfort and relaxation, and can double as an awesome decorative piece. Click here for instructions!

Accessories can help tie everything together. Even with a gorgeous wooden porch swing and a few vibrant plants, a front porch still may seem like it's missing something. There is no better way to personalize and add style to a porch then by adding accessories. With accessories, the choices are endless. Some of our favorite ideas were flags, hammocks, custom furniture, lighting and lamps, pottery, area rugs and clocks. Feel free to get creative.

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