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Four Affordable Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Your bedroom is the most important room in your house. A good night's sleep sets the tone for the day, helping you to be productive at work and to get the most out of play. Comfortable furniture and pleasing décor contribute to your ability to relax. If your bedroom does not have either, consider using these affordable bedroom makeover ideas...

Make a New Headboard

Is your headboard a dull slab of wood or a dated brass frame? Or perhaps you do not have one at all. Create a headboard that serves as a focal point in the room. Among the many recent trends are fabric-covered headboards, some are simple while others feature designer tacks or nails as accessories.

For a more personal and creative headboard, incorporate a hobby or passion. Repurposed skis, surfboards, and skateboards have all been spotted connected and placed behind beds. You could also set a special photo within and have the option to change it regularly. To create a shabby chic headboard, head to an antique store and look for old doors and window shutters that could serve as a backboard to your bed.

Install a Cornice Board or Other Window Treatments

Are your windows unadorned, with just blinds covering the glass. A cornice board not only allows you to add a decorative touch, but the finished piece adds visual height to your bedroom. Never heard of such a window treatment? Think of it as a valance but made of a sturdier material such as wood. You can then cover it with crown molding or cover with the same material as your curtains for a consistent, softer touch.

If you already have intricate crown molding in your bedroom and would like to avoid a busy look, simply add curtains. Remember to hang the rod and curtains near the ceiling, as opposed to just above the window frame, which also adds visual height to a room.

Add a Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors work wonders in the bedroom, reflecting light into the space and making the room seem bigger, when properly placed. How you incorporate this décor element depends on the current décor. Is it ornate? Consider a simple, frameless mirror to serve the above functions without becoming a statement piece that draws the eye away.

If you do not already have a statement piece in the bedroom, mirrors offer an excellent opportunity to create one. Choose one large mirror with a substantial frame or several large ones you can group together and use as art pieces. This advice also works in the bathroom. Get more tips on incorporating mirrors into your décor.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Finally, paint is a great way to give your bedroom an affordable makeover, especially if you DIY. Greens and blues are always popular colors in a sleeping space, as they help to relax the mind and soothe the spirit after a long day. Opt for darker hue if your furniture has a light finish, but do not so dark that it overwhelms the room. Use with a complementary, lighter color on the trim.

Pink also ranks as a popular color in the bedroom for its ability to bring about tranquility. Forget the bubble gum hues of your youth, though, and instead embrace grown-up corals and mauves, again complementing and contrasting furniture finishes in the room.

If either color family feels like a giant leap from the neutral whites and tans of the current palette in your bedroom, apply samples and live with them for a week or so to see how you feel. You might find they give you sweet dreams.

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