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5 Cheap & Easy Home Improvement Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Home

Is a full remodel of your home not in the budget for 2014? Or 2015, for that matter? You can still make changes to improve its appearance. Here are five cheap and easy home improvement ideas that will rejuvenate your home:

1. Repainting

A fresh coat of paint in a new color can transform a room. From there, you can change out accessories to give the space an even bigger visual boost. For example, choose a new hue for the bedroom, and then purchase new linens in a complementary color to tie the changes together.

If you don't have the time to repaint, or love the current color, consider thoroughly cleaning your walls and touching up the paint. Doing so can freshen the room with less of an investment.

You also can make an impactful change outdoors by repainting, refinishing or replacing your front door. A red door will pop on a darker colored home, and a freshly sanded and restained door can rejuventate the entry point.

If your front door needs to be replaced, consider upgrading to one that requires less maintenance and adds security. The project also can expand to include the addition of sidelites and other front-door features that upgrade the appearance.

2. Adding a Tile Backsplash

Kitchen remodels can be quite extensive, and expensive, especially if you are moving the location of major appliances and plumbing. A less involved tweak is to add a tile backsplash . A backsplash not only protects the wall behind the sink, stove and countertops from moisture and stains, it adds visual interest to the kitchen.

A one-color tile backsplash serves as a subtle design element in the room, playing off more dramatic appliances and décor. If you want the backsplash itself to be a focal point in the room, add a mosaic or other pattern to draw the eye. A pique assiette, in particular, makes for a conversation piece, as well. It features broken china and tile as part of the mosaic and can be a walk down memory lane for family members.

3. Installing Crown Molding

Crown molding not only hides the transition between ceiling and walls, it also adds depth and decorative flair to a room, instantly polishing otherwise dull drywall. Molding materials range from plaster to wood, and design options range from simple to elaborate, with designs including rope, dentil and leaf patterns, just to name a few. Keep in mind that the more intricate the design, the higher the cost.

4. Upgrade Lighting

If the lighting fixtures in your home are low quality or dated in a negative way, consider swapping them out to improve the appearance of a room. Start by upgrading fixtures where a change will have the most impact, such as above the dining room table or in the entryway.

5. Replace Cabinet Hardware and Other Household Hardware

Kitchen cabinets can be costly to replace, but new hardware makes them seem like know. To keep this a simple project, choose pieces that are the same size and shape as your current hardware so that paint and finish do not need to be touched up. A new metal can bring a kitchen into the current decade, such as swapping dated brass for a smooth nickel. Be sure to keep any hardware you cannot change in mind, though, such as that on appliances. Mixing cool metals is fine, as is mixing warm metals, but avoid crossing over into each range.