2014 Pumpkin Carving on Fox & Friends

Mr. Handyman is back in New York City and on Oct. 25 around 9:50 a.m., President J.B. Sassano will share some new pumpkin carving Good Housekeeping Magazine cover with power tools tips and tricks on Fox & Friends.

Back at our Home Office in Ann Arbor, the team purchased, prepped and perfected about 25 pumpkins to be displayed and demonstrated on air. To preserve our masterpieces, we soaked the cut and gutted pumpkins in a tub of water with a cup of bleach to kill bacteria. Then, a clear coat of varnish was brushed on to add a shiny sheen.

This year's projects include:

  1. A three-pumpkin statue created by using a PVC pipe as the frame, a 3-inch coring bit on a cordless drill and a 3/4-inch spade bit to create polka dots. Adorn with vines or a fall leaf swag and lights for a classy display.
  2. A large and small pumpkin paired together look especially cool when you cut holes with a 2 1/2 -inch coring bit and add toy mice and rats.
  3. A beige pumpkin is sure to pop when ½-inch spade bit is used to cut holes perfectly sized for colored, decorative marbles to be added!
  4. We fell in love with the pumpkin on the cover of Good Housekeeping's October 2014 edition, so we will recreate it on air.
  5. A metallic blue spray paint will make our pumpkin shine as our pumpkin carving template of a crescent moon is cut in and stars are easily added with cookie cutters and a rubber mallet.
  6. Another template includes our ghost etched on a pumpkin covered in chalkboard paint.
  7. Four pumpkins spell out BOO! using a 1/2 -inch spade bit and cordless drill.
  8. Three small pumpkins are decorated as vampires by simply cutting out mouths, adding kids' costume teeth and thumbtacks as eyes.
  9. Turn a pumpkin on its side and use the stem as a nose for a fun look. The mouth was cut out using a drywall saw and teeth were etched using wood chisels. Cloves from the spice cabinet are inserted as pupils.
  10. We're super proud of our etched Fox & Friends and Mr. Handyman pumpkins. Using a stencil with the logos, push pins marked the outlines and wood chisels carved out the design.
  11. BHG.com has free templates on Pinterest for a flame and they show how to create a safe camp fire using carved pumpkins. So cool.
  12. Mix up your porch design with a white pumpkin, cut out slits, insert a wooden bead on a wooden dowel in each eye space and you have a cool mummy.

To access Mr. Handyman's free pumpkin carving templates, additional Halloween decorating ideas and videos to help you make this Halloween your coolest yet, check out our Halloween headquarters !