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Interior Painting: Fun Colors for Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The easiest way to give your bedroom or bathroom a new look is with paint. It is affordable and is easily changeable if you don't like the look. The hardest part to picking a color palate is deciding which color to start with. Here are a few tips to help transform your bedroom or bathroom into a fun space that you will love!

Be Bold and Beautiful white and blue bathroom

The newest trend in bedroom and bathroom color is the bolder the better. Neutral colors like beige and brown used to be a popular choices that have now been replaced by aqua green, orange and dark blue. These bold new colors are motivating and create a cheerful place to wake up to in the morning. Often the best way to choose your bold new color is to become inspired by throw pillows, a shower curtain or another accent item in the room. You know you already love the color now you just need to expand on it.

Stay Neutral and Timeless

If you don't want to commit to painting an entire room turquoise that is okay. You can still add fun colors to your room without painting all four walls. Paint just one wall a bold color like yellow or deep red and make it an accent wall. Still too much commitment? Try painting colored stripes on one wall with some of your favorite colors. This is a great idea for a nursery or kids bedroom. Another trick is to add colorful accents throughout the room to give it a pop of color.

striped baby's room Whether you decide to go bold or stay neutral is up to you. The key to successfully painting in any room is finding a color that makes the space work for you and your mood.