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10 Man Cave Ideas for this Football Season

With football season in full force, it's really time to consider getting the man cave you've always wanted. There are so many ideas to consider when looking into this addition. Below are Mr. Handyman's must-haves for any man cave:

1. A Bar. Welcome to Man Cave 101. If you're hoping to entertain guests, the bar is just the beginning.

2. Poker Table. Want a great way to multi-task in a manly way? Try playing poker while watching the football game. Take a gamble on this one.

3. Pool Table. It's a safe bet to include anything that encourages smack talk and friendly competition. A game of pool generally does this.

4. Indoor Grill. How much manlier can you get? I mean really. Make sure to call the professionals for installation!

5. Cigar Humidor. Whether or not your wife will allow you to smoke cigars in the house (probably not), a humidor is a great addition to your man cave. Why? To show off your amazing collection of Cubans!

6. Large Flat Screen TV or Projector There is always an argument as to which of the two is better. A flat screen generally provides a clearer image, but projectors allow for gigantic picture. If you're aiming for excessiveness, go with the projector.

7. Stadium Seating. Many people make the mistake of throwing a couch into an otherwise very impressive man cave. To achieve the full effect, build stadium seating with some nice recliners.

8. Arcade Games: Bring back childhood memories by adding arcade games to your man cave.

9. Putting Greens. Because why not?

10. Remove the Gym. If you have a gym in your man cave, tear it down and start over. This is a place for you to relax with your friends and avoid productivity. No gyms allowed.

What is your must-have man cave item? Tell us in the comment box below...