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Flooring Options: The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen and Bathroom Floors


Choosing Floor Materials in General

When changing the flooring in a kitchen or bathroom, you have two important decisions to make: You must choose the right flooring for the room and the right contractor for the project. Here at Mr. Handyman, we make both decisions easy. Not only do we offer expert advice and services in person, but our blog features multiple articles on the many flooring choices available. Check out this roundup of recent posts on the topic.

Tile Flooring | A Complete Category Review of Tile Flooring Choices - Tile flooring comes in a variety of materials. Ceramic, slate, granite, travertine, marble, and glass each have their benefits and limitations, and this post helps you select the right one for a bathroom or kitchen floor. For example, marble may be beautiful but it costs a pretty penny - up to $50 per square foot - and may not be the best choice for any room in a high-traffic family home. Read more in Tile Flooring.

Floor Installation | Hire a Great Contractor for Any Type of Flooring - In this post, we explain the pros and cons of hardwood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, and concrete in various rooms, delving into the importance of proper installation, or removal in some cases, with these materials. Most homeowners, if you didn't already know, do not need to install a concrete floor since a concrete sub-floor already exists below most flooring surfaces. You simply expose it and acid stain the surface or paint over it with a waterproof latex paint to give it color and depth. Read more in Floor Installation.

Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom Flooring: Will It Be Vinyl, Laminate, or Tile for Your Floor? - We focus on vinyl, laminate, and tile in this post, but we concentrate on choices for the bathroom only. Because of the water issue, there are additional factors you must keep in mind not only when making your choice for flooring but also for surfaces inside the shower and bath. Read more in Bathroom Flooring.

Bathroom Tile Ideas: Choosing a Design for Floor, Shower & Counters - Need help taking tiles beyond a simple layout in your bathroom? Glass tiles in the shower, for example, brighten the room as they catch the light and give the space a modern edge. A tile black splash also can take the design of the room from expected to exceptional. Read more in Bathroom Tile Ideas.

Bathroom Floor Ideas | The Best Flooring Options: Vinyl, Wood & Tile - Vinyl: a lower-cost option for bathrooms gets explored as part of this post. We go over the pros - the variety of colors and designs and ease of maintenance as well as affordability - and explain why vinyl tiles can be DIY but vinyl sheets require a professional installer. Read more in Bathroom Floor Ideas.

Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Flooring Ideas | Choose the Best Material for Your Kitchen - Do you have a modern kitchen? Or is it traditional, Spanish mission, or another style? Learn which flooring options work best for different types of architectural styles in this post. We also point you toward our favorite Pinterest collections for inspiration. Read more in Kitchen Flooring Ideas.

Kitchen Floor Ideas | The Best Flooring Covering Options - As mentioned above, you need not always start from scratch with a new floor. In this post, we talk more about how a concrete floor can be exposed, or how an existing wood floor can get new life through refinishing. Read more in Kitchen Floor Ideas.

Kitchen Tile Grout: Tips for Repairing and Cleaning Tile Grout - Dirty or cracked grout can take away from even the nicest of tile floors, especially in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen. We walk you through the basic steps involved in keeping grout looking its best and complementing the tiles. Read more in Kitchen Tile Grout.