Pile of firewood

Build a Firewood Storage Rack Fit For a Lumberjack

Firewood Storage Fit For a Lumberjack

Ask any lumberjack you know: Late spring is the time to be splitting and stacking firewood.

Lumber should be harvested late in the winter season when the trees have the lowest moisture content. A couple months later, the wood is ready for the chopping block. But where are you going to stack and store all that firewood?

Here are a few options, varying by price, size and style.

DIY Firewood Rack

Building your own firewood rack is a relatively inexpensive project. All you really need are some 2x4s, a table saw and some screws. You can even have the 2x4s cut to size right there at the lumber store. A skilled handyman could probably build this simple design in a couple hours. Just beware that since there is no rain cover, you'll want to buy one separately or place your rack in a sheltered area. You can find rack designs all over the Internet. We like this one!

Difficulty: 3/5

Firewood Storage Shed

The shed features a roof to keep your firewood dry and ready-to-burn though the seasons. This is great for frequent burners or anybody with a wood-burning stove. It's bigger and much more attractive than the simple firewood rack.

If you're not a skilled builder, contract the work to someone who can get the job right. We like to say that a poorly built firewood shed might as well be ... firewood.

Difficulty 4/5

Store-bought Firewood Rack

For a less rustic look, check out some store-bought options. We found some really sleek and modern designs on Pinterest ( check them out here ! ) that are great if you plan on keeping your rack on your porch, patio or even inside your home. We especially like the racks that feature a separate compartment for kindling. But beware; store-bought racks are not always easy to assemble.

Difficulty: 1/5

Whether you want to have a firewood storage rack built or just need help assembling a store-bought rack, contact your local Mr. Handyman for help. We'll make sure you have somewhere to stack and store all that chopped wood. Until then, happy lumberjacking!