Shelves full of books

We're Glowing Over Under Shelf Lighting!

Does your kitchen or living room feel dark and boring? If you're looking to brighten up a room while adding depth and flare, consider accent lighting. Accent lighting brightens up a space and creates an added level of sophistication. Read on to find out why we are just absolutely glowing over under shelf lighting this season!

The most popular space for under cabinet lighting is the kitchen, lining the edge of your cabinetry above your countertops. We believe it's a fantastic space for under shelf lighting because the light becomes both functional and decorative, emanating light for cooking while highlighting your designer kitchen as if it was straight out of a magazine. If you have granite or quartz counter tops, the light will reflect the flecks of color or sparkle in the rock, creating a beautiful halo effect.

The living room or bedroom is also a great space to add under shelf lighting. Try adding LED reel lights to the underside of a bookshelf to show off your collection of literature. The same LED reel lights can really be installed under any shelf -- try highlighting pictures of your loved ones or artwork displayed on a shelf.

There are a few different types of lights you can purchase for the underside of your cabinets or shelves. As mentioned above, one energy efficient DIY way is to use LED reel lights. You can buy them here. To learn how to install them, step by step, click here.

There are many alternatives to LED reel lights, including strip light bars, puck lights, rope lights and tape lights. Before choosing an under cabinet light, research the options available. For example, strip lights typically provide a more intense light stream than rope lights. Rope lights are less functional, and add a softer ambiance to the room.

For the beginner do-it-yourselfer, try battery powered under shelf lights. You can find both puck lights and light bars that are battery powered online. This is a great option if you want to avoid doing any of your own electrical work. Ultimately, under shelf lighting is a creative way to enhance the design of your room.

But if you want to avoid the DIY headache, get professional assistance for the installation of your new under shelf cabinet lighting by contacting your local Mr. Handyman or call 877-256-3376.

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