Mr. Handyman employee fixing floor

Poll: Who Is Your Favorite Handyman Character of All Time?

Your wall has a new hole in it. The tub in the master bathroom really needs new caulking. Or maybe the fence needs a new stain. Whatever the case may be, it's clear that you need a handyman.

But before you even pick up the phone, you conjure up an image of who this handyman might look like. Will Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor show up to fix my door? Or will I get an Al Borland type?

Many great handymen have been portrayed on television and the big screen. We want to know, who's your favorite handyman character of all time? What handyman comes to mind for you?

Choose your favorite handyman from the list below and then share this poll with your friends!

(Sorry Ty Pennington fans, fictional handyman characters only!)

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