Bedside table figure of an owl

Our Favorite Kids Bedroom Themes

Designing and setting up a child's bedroom is all about accommodating their needs and finding the right theme that appeals to both them and you. With a little creativity and some elbow grease, you can transform your child's room into a bright and comfortable living space.

Theme #1 - Bold and Beautiful

Set the tone of the room with graphic bedding instead of princesses and planes. Graphic bedding is very popular right now and also allows more longevity for your child as they grow older. Want to take it one step further? Try geometric wall paper in black and white. If that is too much you can choose just one area or small space as an accent. Last but not least, keep them organized by using chalk board paint on a small wall or on a piece of furniture. Chalk board paint is a fun touch that serves a purpose.

Theme #2 - Creative Commons

Inspire creativity by being creative yourself. Include bright and cheery colors like lime green or aqua blue. Provide a space for your child to be creative and to become an artist. Have a desk filled with art supplies and creative supplies. You can even hang mason jars from the bottom of a shelf to help organize small craft supplies. The sky is the limit!

Theme #3 - Comfy Cozy Corner

Create a special place for your child by making them feel comfy cozy. Layer their bed with fun colors, patterns and lots of pillow. The more pillow the better. You can even mix patterns and colors as long as they are soft and plush. Create a book nook that is great for reading and relaxing. Try picture shelves to display books and make them easy to reach. Take it a step further and add a nook in the wall in encompass their bed or even provide a quite reading space. Once you are done with this room your child may never want to leave.

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