Photo of a red bench

Your Stairs Could Use a Seat

Make your home even more functional by eliminating unused space at the foot of your staircase. Mr. Handyman’s home repair and improvement tips can help make your home more comfortable and add storage!

Eliminate dead space

A seating arrangement at the top or bottom of your stairs is the perfect way to make your guests feel welcome when they enter your home. Seating will complement the staircase making it visually appealing. This new lounging spot in your home may become your new favorite place to read and relax.

Create a resting spot

Whether you are headed out for the day, or returning home, having a seat at the bottom of your stairs provides a place to sit and put on or remove your shoes. This is typically a high-traffic location in your home and will hopefully encourage everyone to keep their shoes off while inside the house.

Create storage

You can purchase or build a bench, which doubles as a spot to rest as well as a place to keep clutter hidden. With its placement right by the stairs, a bench makes a great storage place for shoes, purses, and umbrellas for easy access when going out.

Make it comfortable

A bench or seating area can be utilized to add color to your home. Use a pillow topper, decorative pillows, and a colorful throw to give your home that pop of color it needs. Not only does this bench provide seating, it also becomes a cozy place to lounge.

With these tips you can transform the empty space around your stairs into a comfortable lounging spot that’s appealing to the eye and serves as practical storage space.

If you need help adding storage or a bench in your home, contact your local Mr. Handyman by calling 877-256-3376 or request service in your area.