Child peeking out of a child tent

Better Than a Fort - Creative Playroom Themes for Kids

It’s a well-known belief that children thrive when they’re able to spend time in a space that fosters their sense of creativity and imagination. This is one of the many reasons why museums, bookstores and other adult-centric businesses put emphasis on creating areas for their younger patrons to enjoy. Why not bring that inspiration home with you? Here are a few ways that the playroom can become a world of its own:

The Art Studio

Have a budding artist on your hands? Give them a place to create and display their masterpieces with an art studio-inspired playroom. Every artist needs a table where they can brainstorm and sketch, so we recommend taking it a step further by finding one second-hand and covering the blemishes with chalkboard paint. That way, they can color all over the table and you don’t have to clean up the mess!

For their first art show, hang clothesline along the walls and help them pin their works of art around the room. Or, find magnetic boards large enough to cover the walls so they can hang their pieces with a few brightly-colored magnets.

No studio is complete without mediums to experiment with—paint, chalk, crayons, and markers are great basics, but encourage them to think outside the box by outfitting their space with a weaving loom or a pottery wheel. You won’t know the end of their creativeness when you give them the right tools and adequate space!

The Museum

For the studious kiddo, give the gift of quiet space with a museum-inspired playroom. Your child can retreat into a learning center filled with books and toys that spark their curiosity.

Get all five senses involved with interactive exhibits that truly engage. Build a laboratory and outfit it with a microscope and slides or historical artifacts for them to explore. Research together for fun facts to write on brightly colored notecards to hang around the room.

Decide on your kiddo’s favorite subjects and build learning stations for each. Does he love bugs? Help him collect some butterflies and beetles to mount on a board, then build diagrams to teach him each bug’s anatomy. Does she love geology? Help her grow her rock collection by identifying rare elements that she can be on the lookout for.

No museum is complete without a resource library, so build a comfy reading nook and fill their bookshelves with encyclopedias, field guides, and fiction stories about their favorite subjects. You’ll never hear a peep out of this room after occupying them with a museum of learning!

The Rough 'N' Tumble

For the little ones who won’t stop moving, bring the playground inside! Your kids will be the most popular for play dates with a playroom that’s action-packed, and other parents will love the safety and security of having an indoor jungle gym for setting the wild ones loose.

Rainy days can be a drag, but they don’t have to stop the fun from happening. Outline a hopscotch grid and four-square court on the floor with colorful duct tape to make them permanent fixtures in your kiddo’s space. If the room is big enough, you could even outline a race track to encourage the kiddos to break out the toy cars.

No indoor play place is complete without a ball pit, which could be as simple as finding an inflatable one in stores or building one in to the room. Take it a step further by finding a bounce house or indoor play structure to give them a place to move their active little bodies. You’ll never hear the end of giggles and games from a rough ‘n’ tumble play room!

The Make Believe

To give your kiddos a place to dream and play in their own imaginations, create a fantasy land with a theme all of their own. Boxes of dress up clothes, a stage for performing plays and dreamlike décor make the perfect escape for any little one.

For your little fairy, paint a woodland mural on the wall and sprinkle the leaves with glitter to help her feel like the princess she is. Have a mermaid on your hands? Take a deep dive under the sea and create a space where she can feel like she’s swimming with turtles.

If your little man loves superheroes, fill his dress-up space with capes, masks and helmets so he can save the world with his friends when they come for playdates. Or, build a pirate ship for your first mate and let him make you walk the plank! No matter what your kiddo’s favorite imaginary game is, you can take the theme and create a make-believe space for their dreams to come alive.

Every child has a mind of his or her own, so outfitting their playrooms to fit their active imaginations is a perfect way to support their budding interests. Whether your kiddo is the next Picasso, Einstein, Evel Knievel or Leonardo DiCaprio, a creative playroom theme will be a hit for them and all their friends!

If you’re in the early stages of creating an extraordinary playroom for your lucky kids but don’t have the time or the experience to make it all come together, contact your local Mr. Handyman or call (877) 256-3376. All of our technicians are highly qualified for a wide variety of home improvement projects. Whether you’re building an indoor ball pit or assembling bookshelves, no job is either too big or too small.