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Easy DIY Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board for Kids

The cold weather is still here for at least a while longer in many parts of the country, which means spending more time indoors. While it is nice to sit by the fire and sip hot chocolate, your little ones are probably longing for activities to burn the energy they typically use playing outdoors in warmer weather.

While everyone is cooped up inside, it might be nice to work on a little project together; a do-it-yourself (DIY) oil drip pan would be a great way for your kiddos to have fun with magnets, which don’t make a mess. Creating this play space is fun as many kids miss out on magnet play on refrigerators with the popularity of stainless steel!

A drip pan is most often used to protect your garage floor or driveway during at-home oil changes. It also serves as the basis for a fun and easy craft! Little ones can work with letters and numbers or get creative with fun magnets to express their artistic sides! You could also stick pictures or words on the board to teach them to spell. Once they are older, the board will be a great way to hang up artwork, school projects or good grades. This DIY board could be a great place to display announcements and events if you have a big family.

Project Supplies

  • An oil drip pan
  • Drywall anchors and screws (or Velcro works as well)
  • Fun magnets

Project Instructions

  1. Find a place on the wall that your drip pan can hang.
  2. Hang on the wall with drywall anchors or Velcro. If you need help, click here for tips on picture hanging on drywall.
  3. Hang some fun magnets. We recommend letters or numbers to help the younger ones learn the alphabet or how to count.
  4. As your children grow, you can move their magnet board up so they can hang artwork or school papers.

If you need help hanging this DIY magnet board or all wall art, Contact your local Mr. Handyman or call (877) 256-3376 to request service or discuss your home improvement project.