White cat looking out of a window

Turn Your Home Into a Pet Playland

Have pets and want to show them how much they mean to you by creating a space they’ll really love? From DIY courses for the dog with extra energy to burn to an indoor grass rest stop for a feline friend, Mr. Handyman is here to share some of the coolest ideas around!

Think a dog bone-shaped lounging pool or suspended walkway from the ceiling is over the top? Read Woman’s Day top 10 health benefits of owning a pet before you shake your head! Having healthy and happy pets may add quality and years to your life and give you an opportunity to show off on Facebook or to guests!  

We’ve pinned some awesome pet playland projects you can create indoors or in your backyard to make your pet palace the coolest on the block:

Backyard Dog Play Ideas 


  • DIY agility course
  • Lounging pool

Indoor Dog Play Areas 


  • Tunnels and toys
  • Ideas for building an indoor cat playground
  • Walkways suspended from the ceiling
  • Elaborate cat trees

As caretakers for our four-legged friends, we know how they keep our mood up, cholesterol down and stress in check, but don’t forget – pets need activity and mental stimulation too! The more fun you feature in and outside of your home, the less destructive, bored, sad and unfit your pets will be. If simply installing a pet door for your dog or cat to easily enter and exit your house is more your speed, we are a preferred installer for Freedom Pet Pass and you can contact your local Mr. Handyman or call us at (877) 256-3376.

Share your tips for keeping your pets entertained in the comments section!