Led light bulbs on a white table

Make the Switch to LED Lighting

Using 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lights according to Department of Energy stats, LED light bulbs are rapidly rendering all preceding forms of bulbs obsolete. The benefits of LED lighting are clear. The question is, why haven’t you switched to LEDs yet? Your delay in switching to LED bulbs is costing you.

Break out the stepladder

With a lifespan 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, you’re adding a lot more to your ‘honey do list’ by procrastinating on LED light bulb installation. If left to run 24/7, a single LED bulb offers a lifespan of more than three years.

Clear the room and get me the dustpan

Less resistant to breakage than incandescents and without the dangerous trace mercury their CFL cousins release when shattered, LEDs offer ease of maintenance with which their distant family members cannot compete.

Head to the fuse box

If you switched to LED light strings, you could string up to 25 strings of those holiday lights together without blowing a fuse. If just half the holiday bulbs in the U.S. were switched to LED, in addition to all that breaker flipping, Americans could collectively save $17 billion a year on lighting costs.

Grab the fire extinguisher

Compared to incandescents, which release (and waste) 90% of their energy as heat, LEDs run far cooler, making them less likely to combust.

Hand me the flashlight

As opposed to CFLs, which perform poorly in cold temperatures, LEDs perform well in temperature extremes. Retail store giants have been using them in store freezers and refrigerators for years due to their ability to hold up so well in cold environments.

Break out the checkbook

If you’re still using incandescents, you're overpaying for light, which accounts for 10% of your energy bill. The 49 million LED lights installed in 2012 alone saved around $675 million in annual energy costs. Over the next two decades, LEDs are expected to cut energy consumption for lighting by 50%, with energy savings estimated at a whopping $250 billion.

Kiss they ozone goodbye

Replacing outdated bulb technology with LEDs could reduce carbon emissions an estimated 1,800 tons in the next 20 years… If Americans make the switch.

Don’t fall off the bandwagon

Falling in price 40% from 2011-2012 alone, LED sales are rising, with LED bulbs expected to account for 75% of all lighting sales by 2030.

Grab a shovel to dig yourself out of that lighting rut
Today’s LED options vary in intensity to color spectrum, including dimmable and programmable ‘smart’ bulb options. What are you waiting for?

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