Kitchen quartz counter with dinnerware set

Is Engineered Quartz a Smart Countertop Option?

Considering engineered quartz installation? An increasingly popular choice for kitchen remodels, continuing advances in quartz technology have made this manmade stone a favorite nationwide.

How Can It Be A Stone If It’s Manmade?

Unlike 100% natural stones, such as granite, which are quarried and cut into slabs, engineered quartz is a manmade combination of about 90-95% natural ground quartz, alongside a small amount of polymer resins and colors. It’s these engineered origins that allow for slightly larger slabs than its natural stone competition – but that’s not the primary reason quartz countertops are taking center stage.

Why Are Homeowners Turning to Quartz?

  • Amazing Color Selection
    Compared to the more limited selection of natural stones such as granite, quartz is available in wider variety of colors. Choose from plain to patterned, white, beige, brown or black to screaming red or brilliant blue. Nothing is off-limits, including natural stone doppelgangers ranging from granite to marble, and even wood and concrete. Combining natural looks with manmade durability, cutting-edge choices add sparkle and flair with metallic accents and even those that resemble geode-slices.

  • Durable
    Beautiful and versatile, the superior stain resistance of nonporous quartz makes it the go-to choice for those who want white countertops – without the fuss. Harder than granite, it is also extremely scratch resistant. Quartz, however, doesn’t offer the same heat resistance due to polymers (essentially plastics) in the stone, and can be damaged with prolonged exposure to excessive heat.

  • Clean as a Whistle
    Quartz rivals granite for ease-of-care, but requires no annual sealing. Simply wipe clean with a soft cloth or sponge and soapy water or pH neutral cleaner. A standout countertop contender, the non-porous surface of this manmade stone are capable of being kept 99.9% bacteria-free, likewise resisting mold and mildew, making quartz an ideal solution for kosher kitchens, restaurant and healthcare settings.

  • Versatility
    Available in an array of thicknesses and finishes, quartz makes for an excellent choice not only for countertops, but backsplashes, shower walls, fireplace surrounds, and even flooring. Quartz options with more consistent coloring, as opposed to natural stone’s variations, get homeowners ever-closer to seamless design as well, courtesy of larger slab sizes.

  • Competitively Priced
    The cost of your typical quartz cut rivals that of granite, at $60-95 per square foot. More exotic finishes of both can be substantially higher. Compared to the limited warranties of granite selections, quartz warranties are inversely proportionate to quality, ranging from five years to a lifetime. Investing in a premium brand stone will net a better/longer warranty, albeit at a higher investment; box stores and discount fare offer a lower initial cost, alongside less extensive warranties, so compare with care.

Ready to move forward with engineered quartz installation? Two options for securing your materials include:

  1. Get a pre-fabricated stop (general sized vanity from the same supplier) at a big-box store, which offers one or two options.
  2. Work with a supplier fabricator, where you can view samples, pick from four to six colors and edge designs. This choice includes the product, templating and installation.

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