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Repair or Replace: When Does It Make Sense?

At this time of year, it seems everything is on sale. After-Christmas sales are everywhere now. After New Years, inventory clearance sales may offer even better bargains. If something in your home is broken (furniture, faucets, fixtures, etc.), should you join in the shopping trend that's popular at this time of year? Should you take the opportunity to completely replace broken household furniture and other items--and start fresh with a new item? Or should you attempt furniture repair, and get more use out of what you already own?

It can be tough to decide whether you should repair or replace. We suggest that before replacing pricey, high-quality or precious items in your home, it makes sense to at least consider whether they can be repaired. Consult your trusted Mr. Handyman for help.

Carpentry and Furniture Repairs by Mr. Handyman

If you have kitchen cabinet doors that don’t close properly, need new hardware, have peeling paint or are just outdated—you can count on your local Mr. Handyman to help. We can resurrect or redesign your aging cabinets in a number of ways, at a much lower cost than replacing the completely!

Do you have a chest of drawers that sticks, and the drawers don’t open smoothly anymore? Have your wooden chair legs been chewed by a pet? Mr. Handyman can restore them. Furniture repair costs are worthwhile for quality or heavy-duty pieces, so you don’t have to purchase new furniture. If your furniture has a unique style and/or still has plenty of life left in it, consider fixing it before buying something new.

If you've purchased some frustrating new furniture online or at Ikea, and need expert furniture assembly for the new items, look to a professional, such as Mr. Handyman and outsource these tasks.

Faucets and Plumbing Fixture Repair and Installation

If your kitchen or bathroom has an old, tired-looking faucet or squeaky handles that don’t turn smoothly anymore, repair them--or install a newer design. Would you like to replace your old showerhead with a new, spa-like rainfall showerhead? These projects are much simpler, quicker and more convenient than an expensive bathroom remodel—and it can rejuvenate your bathroom or kitchen immediately.

Interior Doors, Thresholds, Flooring, Mirrors and More

If your interior or closet doors don't close properly anymore, or scrape the flooring when you open and close, we can restore your door so that it fits properly. If you have scratched or peeling floor tilereplacement may be the best option. For damaged hardwood floors, research repair or resurfacing as a more affordable enhancement over a full replacement.

All the Hanging Things

If you've got some new window treatments, artwork or pictures you'd like hung up high (and straight), consider whether or not you can safely perform the task on a tall ladder without risking a fall.  You can stand safely on the floor and direct a professional technician, a little to the left or the right to make sure the project meets your needs.

Do you need new vanity mirrors or cabinets installed in the bathroom or a new floor-to-ceiling mirror in the closet or bedroom? can install these delicate, heavy items flawlessly, saving you time and enhancing your home decor.

Save Time and Money on Furniture Repair Costs

The projects listed here are just a few examples of the furniture repairs, replacements and installations that may prevent purchasing all-new, expensive items for your home. We're here to save you time and provide a professionally finished home repair project. Need help at home? Get your entire "honey do" list done today! You can request service from the Mr. Handyman near you or call (877) 256-3376