Fairy door on a tree

How to Make a Simple Yet Adorable Fairy Door

Fairy doors are thought to be portals to a magical realm through which only fairies may cross. If your children love the idea of pixies, leprechauns, and elves, invite one to live on your property by making a fairy door. The project will spark your child’s imagination and bring a little magic into your everyday life.

While fairy door kits are available for purchase, you can learn how to make a fairy door without spending any money.

Tools & Supplies

You can use whatever you have on hand to make a simple yet adorable fairy door. Some suggested building materials and embellishments include:

  • Seven Popsicle sticks or craft wood about the size of an adult’s hand
  • Hot glue or Gorilla wood glue
  • Paint, wood stain, or markers
  • Scrapbooking stickers
  • Adhesive jewels
  • Buttons, flat-backed faux pearls, or thumbtacks
  • Sticks and artificial moss
  • String, wire, or hemp twine
  • Jewelry box hinges

How to Make a Fairy Door

Traditionally, fairies like to live within the knotted roots of ancient trees, or even inside old stumps. If you have a suitable tree in your yard, this could be the perfect place to install your fairy door. If not, don’t fret—in this modern age, fairies often like to live inside the walls of your house so they can keep a watchful eye on the comings and goings of humans.

Once you have selected a knotty old tree or a wall inside your home where you will mount your DIY fairy door, it’s time to get to work.

  • If you’re building your fairy door out of Popsicle sticks, lay six of them side by side and cut the seventh one in half to act as horizontal rails. Apply glue to these rail pieces to hold the other six Popsicle sticks together. If you have ready-made craft wood, you can begin decorating right away.
  • Paint, stain, or color the fairy door with markers. Let your kids get creative with the designs they use. Let the paint or stain dry, if necessary.
  • Dig in your jewelry box, sewing kit, scrapping center, or junk drawer for decorative items to embellish the fairy door. Buttons, flat-backed faux pearls, and thumbtacks make perfect doorknobs.
  • Consider creating a doorframe with sticks from the backyard. Attach them with glue, string, wire, or hemp twine. This gives you the ability to make the door operable if you want by installing tiny jewelry box hinges on one side.
  • If you need inspiration, search online for images of DIY fairy doors.

Keep the Magic Alive

With the door installed, it’s time to invite the fairies to move in. Leave a small welcome present and a tiny hand-written note at the threshold and wait until the next morning. If the gift and letter are gone, you can be certain a fairy has moved in!

Encourage your children to spin tales or draw pictures of the tiny people who live inside the roots or walls on the other side of the door. Continue to leave small presents to let the fairies know they’re your friends. When your kids act up, remind them the fairies are watching. They might get upset and move out if the children in the house don’t behave.

Get Help with Home Improvement Projects

Making a fairy door with your children is lighthearted fun, but if you have a serious maintenance task to complete inside or outside your home, you might need extra help. The professionals at Mr. Handyman provide a variety of residential services to help keep your home beautiful, functional, and safe. Call us at (877) 256-3376 to request service today.