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Blog Posts in 2019

  • Watch Mr. Handyman Carve Pumpkins with Power Tools on Fox and Friends

    Mr. Handyman appeared on Fox & Friends for the seventh year in a row! This time, they had us out for TWO shows: Friday October 25 ...

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  • How to Remove Kitchen Tile Backsplash (Without Ruining the Wall)

    Are you ready to breathe some new life into your kitchen space by replacing the backsplash? If so, learning how to remove tile ...

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  • How to Tell If a Wall is Load Bearing

    To create an open floor plan, add additional space in your home or complete certain renovations, you need to be aware of what that ...

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  • Show Your Pumpkin Carving Tricks to Win a TREAT

    It’s that time of year again! Mr. Handyman is offering a chance to turn your TRICKS into a TREAT. We have officially launched our ...

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  • Bathroom Renovations for Seniors

    Bathrooms commonly have hard floors and other surfaces that instantly become slick the moment water, soap or cleaners are ...

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