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How to Make a Spiral Christmas Tree Table Decoration

Christmas is right around the corner, and it’s time to cover your home in holiday cheer! Mr. Handyman believes you can create treasured memories with your children this Christmas without breaking the bank. Learn how to build this easy and fun DIY Christmas decoration perfect for a table or mantel.

This simple, rewarding project is a great way to introduce children to crafting and simple household tools.

What you’ll need to make a spiral Christmas tree decoration:

  • copper or steel wire (see type and gauge info below)
  • wire cutters
  • pliers
  • tiny bell
  • recommended for children: safety goggles and work gloves

Selecting and Measuring the Wire for Your Spiral Christmas Tree

Your local hardware will have wire in a variety of metals in a selection of thicknesses (gauge). For a silvery display, choose steel wire; for a warmer look, try copper.

The bigger the tree, the larger the gauge should be:

  • If you want to create a small tree (6-inches or less) for your mantel or a side table, use a smaller gauge wire (22–24). Using your wire cutters, cut one foot of the small-gauge wire.
  • If you’re building a table centerpiece, you may want your tree to make a bit more of a statement. Build a larger tree using a thicker gauge of wire (14–16). Cut up to three feet of wire with your wire cutters.

Creating Your Spiral Christmas Tree Decoration

Before you start working with the wire, protect young children’s eyes and hands from any sharp ends with work gloves and safety goggles.

  1. Using your pliers, loop one end of your wire through the eye of a bell. This will top your little tree!
  2. Hold the same end of the wire flat to the table.
  3. Wrap the wire in a flat spiral on your table.
  4. When you’re out of wire, use your pliers to bend the end over itself, or wrap it over the outer rung of the tree.
  5. Use your hand to push the middle of the spiral up and the sides down.
  6. Enjoy your little spiral tree!

Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Spiral Christmas Tree

Now that you’ve got the basic form down, it’s time to get creative. The kids will love these easy ways to dress up the miniature wire tree:

  • Buy lace ribbon from a craft store and thread it onto the wire.
  • Create a fancy tree topper by leaving a vertical length of wire at the center of your spiral. Now you can put a star, angel or any other beautiful topper on.
  • Thread colorful beads onto the wire.
  • For a light-up tree, wrap mini Christmas lights around the wire.

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