Hammer, nails, saw, measuring tape

Q and A: Organizing Our To-Do List

Q: For the new year we’ve resolved to get our to-do list done. How do you suggest we get started?

A: Put as many of your needs on a list as you can think of and add to add to the list when needed. The list may be long, but you’re not committed to doing it all at once.

Next, sort the list down into ‘Must do’, ‘need to do’, and ‘would like to do’ columns. ‘Must do’ items are those where damage increases, say rotten wood siding or trim, with additional delays. Last, sort the list into things you can reasonably do yourself, and those you can’t. Where you need help, I suggest you go online and find highly rated service providers.

Next, you need to make choices given available time and budget. You can space things out but commit to completing something each month.