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Blog Posts in 2020

  • How to Make a Room Cooler

    No homeowner wants a house that is too warm and stuffy during the spring and summer months, which may be why you are trying to ...

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  • How to Build an Owl House

    The owl, subject of myth and legend since ancient times, remains a sage and majestic creature in our psyche. Its trilling hoot ...

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  • How to Make a Room Soundproof

    Modern life is noisy. Whether it’s the dull roar of nearby highway traffic or your neighbor’s barking dog, too much noise can ...

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  • What is Plywood Edge Banding?

    Plywood is the perfect material for DIY projects. It’s accessible, inexpensive and easy to work with. The only problem is that ...

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  • How to Stack Firewood

    Winter’s coming and you’ve hauled, gathered and split a big stack of firewood – now what? Stacking firewood properly is the next ...

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