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How to Make a Room Cooler

No homeowner wants a house that is too warm and stuffy during the spring and summer months, which may be why you are trying to learn how to make a room cooler.

Do you have to just tough it out, or do you have options?

First, let’s determine what’s causing the room to be too hot in the first place.

Keep reading for troubleshooting steps to determine why a room is too warm, and the handy tips for how to make a chronically hot room cooler.

Why Is Your Room Too Warm?

Your home should be a place of comfort. If a room in your house is consistently too hot, there are several possible reasons.

Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot the problem and the solutions to consider for each potential issue:

  • Check for closed HVAC vents. If the vents are closed, the climate-controlled air can’t flow freely, which can result in an uncomfortable temperature for you and your family.
    • You should also make sure there is nothing blocking the return air vents in your HVAC system.
  • Determine if large windows may be to blame. Do you notice a lot of warm sunlight coming through south-facing windows? This can turn your room into a hot zone. In this case, you can install curtains to block the sun. If you want to get really serious, you can install blackout curtains. This is an effective way to make a hot room cooler without AC.
  • Is stale air the problem? If your room feels stuffy and full of stale air, simply open the windows and allow fresh air to flow. To get the air flowing effectively throughout the room and home, open multiple windows and even the door to create a refreshing cross-breeze.
  • Check the air quality. Humid air feels hotter. If you have high humidity in a room, it’s likely to feel warm – even if the temperature looks good on the thermostat. Installing a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air will make the room cooler and more comfortable without cranking the AC.
  • Consider your HVAC performance. If your existing heating and cooling system isn’t adequate for the space, you may notice it’s running constantly without getting the room sufficiently cool. In this case, installing a mini-split unit will keep your room cool when the temperatures outside are on the rise.

Get the Best Solutions for How to Make a Room Cooler

Whether you’re seeking strategies for how to make a room cooler without AC, or you just want a ceiling fan installed, Mr. Handyman is here to help. Our home improvement experts are dedicated to making your home as comfortable as possible all year long.

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