plants on a windowsill

How to Make an Indoor Herb Garden

The fresh smell of herbs in your private back porch garden piques a sense of botanist pride. Much like other DIY endeavors, growing your own produce and seasonings carries a special sense of accomplishment. And while there is a natural season for growing an outdoor herb garden, you can grow an indoor herb garden all year round.

Getting Started with an Indoor Herb Garden

  • Herb Your Enthusiasm – The obvious item you need to make a garden is plants. Pick quality seedlings from your local garden center or greenhouse. You can also plant seeds, but seedlings are quicker and easier.
  • Location, Location, Location – Besides the flora, this is the next most important step. Find a south-facing window that allows at least four hours of sunlight a day. Shortage of sunshine? Integrate glow lights to supplement natural light.
  • Cage the Sage – Find the right container for your plants. A glazed potting vessel with a saucer beneath (to catch water) is a suitable option.
  • Down and Dirty – Find a potting mix that retains moisture but is still well-draining.

Build Your Own Indoor Herb Garden          

Now that you have your herbs planted and prepped and in the prime location, it’s time to get creative. Your indoor garden space could be as simple as jars on a windowsill or as intricate as a hanging tower. Here are some simple steps for creating a suspended herb garden out of hose clamps, a wood board and small planters.


  • Drill and drill bit
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Stud finder (optional)
  • Pencil
  • Sanding block and sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Wood stain and polyurethane


  • One wood board (reclaimed wood, scrap wood, or 2 x 6)
  • Three 2½" metal hose clamps
  • Hanging wire
  • Picture hanger
  • One pack sheet metal screws 6 x 5/8"
  • Three herb pots

How to Assemble Your Suspended Herb Garden

  1. Sand – Sand the board with the sanding block and paper to remove rough surfaces. Wipe clean with a dry rag. 
  2. Stain – Use the paintbrush to stain the board, starting with the edges. Let dry and with a clean brush, coat with polyurethane.
  3. Measure – Lay the board flat and space the potting plants evenly across the board. Mark the center of each pot with a dot on the board.
  4. Drill – Place each one of your hose clamps on the dots you just marked. Secure them with your drill and a sheet metal screw.
  5. Wire – On the backside of the board, put one screw in the top two corners of the board. Leave 1/8" of the screw exposed. Take a length of hanging wire and wrap an end on each corner screw and wrap the tag-end of wire back on the main length.
  6. Tighten – Place an herb pot in each hose clamp and then tighten the clamp with the screwdriver. Make sure the clamp is snug to the pot.  
  7. Hang – Find a stud in the wall (use a stud finder or gently tap wall with a hammer) and nail picture hanger to stud. Hang the board on the picture hanger by the hanging wire on the rear of the board.

 And that’s all there is to it! If you would like more than three plants, just repeat the process with another board.

Let It Grow – Tips for Maintaining Your Herb Garden

An indoor herb garden (like any garden) requires some attention and maintenance to flourish.

  • Drip, Drip – All plants need water and herbs are no exception. Feel the dirt with a finger approximately 2 inches down and water if the soil is dry below that. Pour the water slowly to let it seep gradually toward the bottom.
  • Let It Breathe – Make sure your plants are adequately spaced to allow airflow to circulate among them. Occasionally rearranging can also benefit your garden!
  • Warm, Well-lighted Place – The ideal temperature for indoor herbs is between 65 to 70 degrees. If they’re located in a cooler or possibly drafty location such as a windowsill, consider giving them a boost with a heating pad.  

Handyman Help When You Need It

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