Light blue living room with leather furniture set, beige carpet, tv and fireplace

5 Ways to Create a Whole New Look for Your Family Room

Are you ready to create a new look for your family room now that your kids have left the nest? You may be realizing your home doesn’t have to be as “kid-friendly” as it used to be. Now is a great time to explore new options.  

Perhaps you’ve already turned an extra bedroom into a guest bedroom or sewing room. But what should you do with the family room? No matter your budget, Mr. Handyman® can help you pick, design, and complete your family room project. 

Room Upgrades for the Family Room 

Before starting the redecoration project, take a look at your family room with fresh eyes. Re-envision it as a space just for you, or just for two.  

Taking a moment to examine the room can give you a fresh perspective and inspire some ideas to help you develop a new family room plan.  

A great way to do this is to identify the positives and negatives of the room by asking yourself a few questions: 

  • Does it have a fireplace? 

  • Is the furniture still stylish and in decent shape? 

  • Does the room have ideal lighting? 

  • Is the wallpaper outdated?  

  • What are the primary aspects you would like to change? 

Low-Cost Family Room Redecorating 

If you want to keep costs to a minimum, you can still transform the look of your family room, especially if your furniture and curtains are in good condition:  

  • Rearrange the furniture. This quick, simple family room update can give the space a new look and quickly satisfy your need for change. 

  • Get rid of the clutter. Removing unnecessary items will lighten up the space and make the room look bigger.  

  • Apply a new coat of paint. Whether you want to paint the entire room or just an accent wall, your options are almost endless. Check out these interior paint tips to help with selection, prep, and painting. 

  • Update the artwork on the walls. Rearrange your existing artwork for a fresh look, or purchase a few new pieces to make a big impact. Even framing attractive fabric or wallpaper can do the trick without spending a lot on expensive prints or originals.  

  • Replace the coffee table. A new coffee table can make a lot of difference. Look for second-hand tables or refinish your current one, to meet your budget. 

  • Add a throw rug. It’s amazing how the right rug can pull a family room together. If you can only add one item but want to make a substantial change in the room, a new area rug is an excellent choice. Go with a neutral color or a pattern to add interest and coziness to the space. 

  • New couch pillows. Adding new pillows to your couch will bring new texture and color to the room. Change them out each season to keep the room looking in-style all year long.  

If You Want to Spend More 

If you have a little more money in your family room refresh budget, redecorate to match your new empty-nester lifestyle:  

  • Always wanted a library? Consider having custom shelving installed.  

  • New crown molding will do wonders and add a touch of elegance.  

  • If you’re missing the kids, having a photo collage with your favorite family photos professionally framed and hung on one of the walls might be the perfect change-up.  

Ready for a Big Splurge? 

If you want to completely change the look and feel of your family room, you can treat yourself to the empty-nest room of your dreams with these splurges: 

  • Multimedia room with a wall-mounted TV—learn how to place your tv in the family room with a fireplace

  • Grown-up game room for poker and pool with a custom bar. 

  • Customized art and crafting studio. 

  • New fireplace with a well-decorated mantel. 

  • Recessed lighting with dimmer switches. 

  • Built-in shelving. 

  • Home bar with a wine cellar and lounge area for wine tastings. 

Get an Estimate for Your Family Room Renovation 

Ready to bring your new family room vision to life? Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, Mr. Handyman can help you create the living room of your dreams. Schedule an appointment online or get a quote for services today by calling (877) 685-1377.