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How to Design a Family Room Layout for Young Kids

Is your family living space just what you want? Or does it need some adjustments? Does everyone have a space for fun, such as tv, video games, board games, and projects? Or is every activity competing with another for free space? If you’re finding that your space isn’t set up quite right, let us give you some ideas to create the perfect space for a family with young kids.

Separate Spaces for Kids and Adults

One tried-and-true method is to create different functional areas within one larger space. By separating different areas for kids and adults, you can minimize conflict over messes and noise. Layout and furniture choice play a huge role in making this approach successful.

The television will be a focal point in any family room, and you might have kids and adults each wanting to use it. That’s why a TV for each area might be a great idea. Just choose TV cabinets or wall mounting for each unit to maximize the functionality. Your local Mr. Handyman can help you figure out wall mounting for the TVs.

When it comes to the specific layout and how the space is divided, the furniture you choose can be used to create different spaces. Adding a large bookshelf as a room divider, for example, will do at least two things for you: it will give you much-needed storage for games, art supplies, musical instruments, puzzles, and so on. It will also help to create two different rooms within the larger space.

Designing this sort of bookshelf can get a bit tricky. It must be completely stable and safe, as well as flexible enough to grow with your family. Your local Mr. Handyman has a wealth of experience with projects like this and can help you create a bookshelf system that works for your new family room.

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On the adult side, you might want a card table or game table. This table could be useful for when friends come over for cards, or as a stand for food for use during football games. It also works as a craft or sewing table.

For the kids, a small desk and chairs for doing arts and crafts is an addition that can keep children occupied for hours. Adding a small bookcase and books can provide a welcome alternative to watching TV.

Bringing the Family Together

Some families don’t need two distinct spaces, so combining all functions into one space works fine too. It’s still possible to have two televisions if you like, and wall mounting one can help you utilize the space more efficiently. The second TV can be placed on a low stand for easy access for the kids.

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In this type of space, a bookshelf may not function as a room divider, but it still does the job of storing games, toys, art supplies, and so on. Here again, your local Mr. Handyman can help you decide what type of shelf system will work for your family’s needs.

In both spaces, lighting is a key detail that tends to be surprisingly difficult to get just right. Do you need more light fixtures installed, or just different fixtures? Do you need some wall-mount lights, desk lamps, or only ceiling fixtures? Some hobbies like reading and knitting are more pleasant with a good desk lamp, while the card table needs overhead light. TV viewing is improved by keeping glare off the screen, so it’s good to have your local Mr. Handyman to help you sort it all out.

Ready to move ahead with all your good ideas? Contact your local Mr. Handyman to get your projects started and completed.