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How to Upgrade to a Smart Home – Which Devices to Keep or Replace

Smart homes offer some useful convenience and security features, but not everyone wants a full-on smart home system. Is it possible to select only the features that you want and enjoy the functionality that you’ll actually use? Yes! It’s not only possible, but easy. So we’ll explain how to upgrade your home to a smart home.

Use Smart Plugs to Create Smart Devices

Smart plugs are a good place to start. They’re relatively simple and inexpensive devices that you simply plug into a standard wall outlet. You’ll find quite a few different options to choose from.

Plug any devices you would like to control remotely into your smart plugs. This allows you to control things like lights or a coffee maker using a compatible smart speaker. Smart speakers are voice activated and controlled, which makes them handy when you can just walk into a room and command, “turn on lights!”.

You’ll use an app on your phone to control the settings on the smart speaker and smart outlets. So you can, for example, program the coffee maker to come on automatically every morning at a certain time or turn it on with your voice when you enter the kitchen. This is a very simple and relatively easy way to get your smart home started without adding the complexity of a smart home hub.

Make Other Devices Smarter

Smart lights and a smart coffee maker are a great convenience, but why stop there? You could also add devices like fans and other appliances to your smart plugs and turn them on and off with your voice. Use a smart plug to control your electric blanket or slow cooker. Smart plugs give you the option to make just about any device a smart device. And you can add as many devices as you have smart plugs. Each smart plug can be programmed to turn devices on and off whenever you choose.

Get Comfortable with Smart Devices

Smart-home devices continue to grow in popularity because they offer such a convenient way to control your devices. For example, today's smart thermostats are both stylish and much easier to use. They can help save energy, lower your monthly utility bill and increase your comfort by regulating the temperature in the rooms you use most frequently.

Before returning home from work you can program your smart thermostat to adjust the temperature and/or AC to your comfort. Going to be home a little later than usual? Not a problem. Simply adjust your smart thermostat to the temperature you want before you arrive home. You can also easily lower the temperature at night or run a ceiling fan for white noise or to circulate the air. All these functions can be programmed and managed through a smart home app with your phone. Some units have voice control, too.

Add Smart Security and Safety

Adding smart security devices to your home is worth the effort. And you don’t need to start with a complex, multi-piece system to see the benefits. A doorbell camera lets you use the app on your phone to see who is at the door. Smart locks offer a myriad of functions, such as multiple codes that also control with an app. Some even have fingerprint recognition.

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Along with other devices, home safety devices have gotten smarter too. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can send information and alerts to your phone if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected. These units are hard wired, so you’ll never have to deal with the annoying chirps associated with battery-powered units.

Make Your Smart Home a Reality

Enjoying the convenience of a smart home doesn’t have to be a wish for the future, it can be a reality. If you haven’t upgraded your home yet, now is a good time. Adding smart plugs, security and safety is a great way to get started. If you need help, call your local Mr. Handyman. He has the knowledge and experience to help you create the smart home you’ve always wanted.