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A handyman using a putty knife to apply joint compound to a seam between two ceiling drywall sheets that have been installed during an appointment for ceiling repair in Norfolk, MA.

Though less common than wall damage, ceiling damage is a problem that many homeowners face at one point or another. Whether you have a cracked ceiling caused by house shifting, ugly water stains caused by plumbing leaks or any other type of drywall damage, our services for ceiling repair in Norfolk, MA are just what you need to get your entire ceiling looking like new again.

To help you learn more about our ceiling repairs in Norfolk, MA, we’ve provided as much useful information as we can below. If you’d rather speak to our Norfolk handyman team directly, give us a call at 508-465-2092 during business hours and our customer service team members will be happy to answer your questions and book you in for a service appointment.

What To Expect From Ceiling Repair In Norfolk, MA

If you’ve noticed one or more of the signs that you need ceiling repair, you can trust our expert team to use all the right tools, materials and procedures to make lasting repairs quickly, efficiently and without making a mess.

When you book a service appointment with us, our crew will show up at your property on time and ready to work. For some of our services, we require you to supply some parts and materials. For ceiling installation and ceiling repair in Norfolk, MA, we’ll provide all the materials needed. These materials, equipment and supplies include:

  • Joint compound/mud
  • Mesh tape
  • Joint tape
  • Sanding sponge
  • Putty knife
  • Utility knife
  • Circular saw
  • Nails and crews
  • Texture sprayer
  • Power drill
  • Tape measure

Once we’ve assessed the problem, we’ll come up with a game plan for your ceiling repairs. We’ll also verify with you that the cause of the issue has been resolved before making any repairs. For example, if a leaky pipe in between your studs was to blame, this pipe should be repaired before tackling drywall repair, as without doing so, you’ll need to get the repair done all over again shortly down the line.

Though many repairs involve mud and a piece of drywall, the repair method chosen will vary depending on the type of damage. When it comes to ceilings, we typically end up doing one of the following repairs: crack repair, water damage and textured ceiling repair.

Drywall Ceiling Crack Repair

It can be pretty alarming to look up and see a large, jagged crack spanning across your ceiling. The good news is that it’s often caused by your house shifting rather than serious structural damage, but keep an eye on it for a while to ensure it doesn’t keep growing. To repair this type of damage, your handyman expert will take the following steps:

  • Small cracks: If the crack is thin enough, removing a piece of drywall won’t be necessary. Instead, we’ll spread a thin layer of joint compound over the crack followed by a strip of joint tape. A second layer of joint compound will be added over top of the tape to finish it off. To finish this repair, we’ll use a sanding block to smooth down the surface. We may find that a third coat of mud is needed, in which case we’ll repeat the compound laying and sanding steps a second time.
  • Large crack: For very large cracks that need more structural support than a joint compound patch can provide, we’ll use the same steps as in water damage repair (see below).

Water Damage Repair

As mentioned above, it’s important to ensure the cause of the water damage is solved before making any repairs. Even minor water leaks tend to make themselves known by causing unsightly water stains on your ceiling drywall.

For this repair, we’ll take the following steps:

  • Cut out the ruined piece of drywall: Water leaks result in structural damage, which must be removed entirely. We’ll also need to ensure that all moisture is removed so that the ceiling does not deteriorate further. This may be done with a heating device, such as a good old hair dryer or fan. It’s usually easiest to do this repair from within the attic, but if the damage has occurred on a ceiling below the top floor, we’ll probably have to access it from a ladder, depending on your ceiling height.
  • Create a patch: Using a new piece of drywall, we’ll cut a patch the same size as the piece of drywall we removed. Using the exposed ceiling joists, we’ll use nails to secure the patch to the rest of the ceiling. Then, we’ll cover the seams with joint tape and mud, followed by sanding.

Textured Ceiling Repair

Sometimes our customers worry about whether or not they can get their textured ceiling repaired without removing the texture from the entire ceiling altogether. Not all handyman experts can, but we can. If you’d rather have popcorn ceiling removal done, we can do that too, but popcorn ceiling repair in Norfolk, MA is also an option if you’d rather keep it.

Whether you have fine, medium or coarse grain popcorn ceilings, we’ll match the grain for a seamless result. Some technicians will apply this using a roller, while others will use a spray-on product. It takes an experienced hand to create a finish that matches the existing texture, but our service professionals are up to the task.

We’re A Leader In Ceiling Repair In Norfolk, MA

Not all ceiling repair contractors are created equal. Anyone can call himself a ceiling repair contractor, so how do you know who to trust? We can’t speak for other handyman services, but we protect our customers through no-obligation estimates, respect for your home and person and a workmanship guarantee.

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, which is why we’ll take special care to communicate with you every step of the way and take your wants, needs and expectations for the project into account. We present you with all the information you need to make an informed decision for your home and we won’t take any action without receiving your approval first.

When choosing handyman professionals to join our team, we look not only for those with depth and breadth of experience but also for those who enjoy interacting with customers and are people-focused. Our technicians take great pride in a job well done, but if for some reason you’re dissatisfied with the quality of workmanship you receive, just let us know within one year of your ceiling repair or ceiling installation and we’ll come back for free to make it right.

FAQs For Ceiling Repair In Norfolk MA

Can Spackle Be Used Instead Of Joint Compound For Ceiling Repair In Norfolk, MA?

In some rare cases, you may be able to use Spackle in place of joint compound when doing a ceiling repair in Norfolk, MA. While you can use mud for virtually every repair, for anything beyond minor fixes, and certainly not for extensive damage, Spackle should not be used in place of joint compound.

“But wait,” you may be wondering, “is there actually a difference between joint compound and Spackle?” Yes. In fact, there’s a pretty big difference!

Joint compound is composed of gypsum and limestone mixed with water to form a paste-like consistency. Because drywall too is mainly made out of gypsum rock, it dries down to a finish that is very similar to that of drywall.

Spackle is also made from gypsum, but it also includes binding agents. This product is thicker than joint compound, generally comes in a small, pre-mixed tube and retains much more elasticity than mud. This makes it excellent for small repairs like nail holes.

Repairing a large crack with Spackle would be tedious (due to its very thick texture) and expensive.

How Long Does Ceiling Repair In Norfolk, MA Take?

The length of your appointment for ceiling repair in Norfolk, MA will vary depending on your repair needs. Extensive damage will take longer than minor repairs, and is dependent on curing times for the joint compound.

Joint compound takes about 24 hours to dry and must dry fully between coats for best results. Though this can extend your ceiling installation or repair to several days, we won’t, of course, be on site the entire time. It’s important to do as many coats as necessary to get the best results.

If you’d like us to apply a fresh coat of paint after your ceiling repairs are done, this will extend your project timeline as well. Your service professional will discuss your project timeline and expectations with you at the very beginning of your service so that you can make plans accordingly. If anything changes throughout the process, we’ll let you know right away.

Do I Need To Replace My Ceiling After A Leak?

Complete ceiling replacement is rarely necessary unless you have very extensive damage that is larger than the size of ceiling panels—or several square feet in size. In this case, there will be structural issues that we’ll have to take into consideration.

Joint compound is not a replacement for drywall sheets, so removing the ruined panel and replacing it with a new one may be the most economical and best option for you if a large part or your entire ceiling is water damaged. If you’re doing new construction, you’ll need a ceiling installation rather than a repair.

Can A Plaster Ceiling Be Repaired The Same Way As A Drywall Ceiling?

No, plaster ceiling repair is a much different process than drywall repair in Norfolk, MA. If you live in a very old home, you may have plaster walls and ceilings rather than drywall. Drywall is installed by nailing pre-formed sheets to wall studs, while plaster is built from the ground up on-site.

Plaster craftsmen would build these walls by nailing many wooden slats against the ceiling or wall studs. With this base in place, several layers of plaster were then built up on top of the laths.

If your plaster ceiling is cracking or bowing, you’ll need to contact a plaster specialist for the repair. Alternatively, you may be able to have the ceiling removed, and a drywall ceiling installation done in its place.

Is Ceiling Repair Messy?

Ceiling repair in Norfolk, MA can be very messy. Mixing up joint compound is a bit messy in the first place, and when working on the ceiling, gravity has an advantage. Though your handyman professional will be as careful as possible, small spatterings of joint compound may end up on the floor.

Even messier than wet compound is dry compound. Sanding down your ceiling is required to achieve a smooth finish, but this results in a fine layer of dust coating your floor.

Your handyman will lay down all the appropriate protections to ensure your home stays clean. Often, this will involve placing a plastic drop cloth on your flooring and furniture. Before leaving your home, your service professional will take the time to thoroughly clean up your space.

Can I Do Ceiling Repair On My Own?

It’s possible to do ceiling repair in Norfolk, MA on your own, but when structural damage is involved, we strongly recommend using professional services for ceiling repair in Norfolk, MA. Fixing small, aesthetic damage such as a hole left behind by a hanging plant pot can be filled on your own using an all-purpose Spackle, a putty knife, a sanding block and a bit of paint, but without experience, creating a seamless finish will be very challenging. If the appearance of your repair is important to you, go with a professional instead.

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