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dallas fence repair company

How to Find the Right Dallas Fence Repair Company

Has the fence that runs around the perimeter of your backyard seen better days?

If so, you might be thinking about replacing it. But that can be expensive depending on what kind of fencing you choose to replace it with. You can pay anywhere from $3 to $6 per square foot for chain-link fencing to well over $100 per square foot for wrought-iron fencing on average.

Instead, why not call on a Dallas fence repair company to help you fix your fence? They can breathe some life into your fence by patching up holes in it, replacing small sections of it, or even picking it up off the ground and putting it back into place if it has fallen over.

Calling on one of the local fence companies in Dallas, Texas to repair a fence rather than replacing it is a great idea. But you might not know which fence contractor to turn to when you're in need of fence repair.

Here is how to find the best fence company in the area for the job.

Kick-Off Your Search by Creating a List of Local Fence Companies

When you first decide, "I'm going to get my fence fixed," you should begin by taking a close look at all the Dallas fence repair companies that can help. With more than 50,000 fence companies throughout the U.S., you're going to find that there are so many fence contractors that can lend a helping hand in the Dallas, TX area.

Want to see what we mean? Just Google "fence companies near me" and check out all the fence companies that pop up. You should find dozens of options when it comes to fence companies.

Create a master list of all these options, and include both the names of fence contractors and their contact information (phone number, email address, website, social media accounts, etc.). This will help you narrow down your choices to the best fence company later.

See If Family Members, Friends, or Neighbors Have Recommendations

In addition to creating a long list of fence companies in Dallas, Texas that you might want to consider working with, you should also check in with people around you to see if you can find a fence company that comes highly recommended by others.

If you have a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a coworker, or someone else in your life who recently had a fence installed or repaired, ask them about their experience. See if they liked working with their specific fence company.

By doing this, you might begin to hear the same names come up over and over (and over!) again. It'll let you know which fence companies in your area have the best overall reputation with those in your community.

Read Online Reviews for Different Fence Companies That Might Be a Good Fit

Speaking with family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and more might be a great way to find out which fence companies get the best reviews in Dallas, TX. But that's not the only way to see what other people in your area have to say about these companies.

You can also take your master list of fence company names and Google each of them individually to find online reviews for them. You can get a good overview as far as what a fence repair company is all about by checking out what others have written about them in the past.

If a Dallas fence repair business has one positive review after another online, it's usually a surefire sign that they have high-quality services to offer. You should consider them over fence companies that don't have many positive reviews or, worse, have almost nothing but negative reviews.

Research as Many Dallas Fence Repair Companies as You Can on Your Own

As we've mentioned a few times, you shouldn't be afraid to lean on others when trying to track down a great Dallas fence repair company. Use the people around you as invaluable resources when searching for local fence companies.

But don't hesitate to put in some work on your own, too, to find out everything there is to know about these companies. You can conduct a massive amount of research on fence companies in Dallas, Texas within just an hour or two.

To do this, visit the websites for each of the fence contractors on your master list and poke around to learn everything you can about them. You'll often find everything you need to know on a company's "About Us" page. But you can also find more information on a company's homepage, service pages, and blog.

Use a fence contractor's website to find out things like:

  • How long they've been in business
  • What services they're able to provide
  • How much they charge for different services
  • What sets them apart from other fence repair companies

You don't necessarily need to gather enough information on a fence repair company to write a term paper on them. But you should be able to jot down a few notes for each company so that you'll know if they'll be a solid fit for you.

Reach Out to Fences Companies in Dallas, Texas and Set Up Interviews With Them

After you've gone through the websites for different Dallas fence repair companies and found out everything you can about them, you might not think you need to bother calling them on the phone to talk to them. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

At this point, you should narrow your fence company selections down to just a few options and set up phone calls or, better yet, in-person interviews with them. This will give you an opportunity to ask them any questions that you might have about their companies and their services.

It'll also help you build a rapport with fence contractors, which will help you down the line when you're working with them on your fence repair project. You'll get to know them on a more personal level, and that'll make you feel comfortable talking to them about the project.

Contact several fence companies that you're strongly considering and arrange to talk to them on the phone. Once you connect with them, ask them questions like:

  • "Can you help me repair my fence?"
  • "What methods would you use to repair my fence?"
  • "How long do you think your fence repair services would take?"
  • "When can you come out to my home and start fixing my fence?"
  • "What will your fence company offer that others won't?"

The more questions you ask, the more confident you'll feel going with one fence company over all the rest.

Ask Fence Companies to Provide You With a Fence Repair Quote

We just mentioned a whole bunch of questions that you should ask a Dallas fence repair company when speaking with them for the first time. But we purposely left one important question out because it deserves its own section.

That question is: "How much are your fence repair services going to cost me?"

You don't have to make this the first (or second!) question that you ask a Dallas fence repair company. It's often a question that people like to leave until the end.

But you should inquire about the cost of fence repair through different fence companies. It'll help you to figure out which fence company can fix your fence for the most affordable price.

You shouldn't just go with whichever fence company extends the lowest price to you on fence repair. But you should consider all the estimates you receive before picking the one that fits within your budget and pairs you up with a reputable fence repair company.

You should also look to see if companies have any special offers going on that might bring their prices down further.

Make Sure Local Fence Companies Are Prepared to Stand Behind Their Work

In a perfect world, a Dallas fence repair company will visit your home, fix your fence, and allow you to enjoy your fence for another 10 years without ever having to worry about it. But of course, the world isn't perfect.

Even if you choose to work with the very best fence company in Dallas, TX, there is always a chance that a repair made to a fence might not take the first time around. A fence repair company may have to return to fix a fence further at a future date.

If you choose the wrong fence company, that won't take any responsibility for not getting the job done the first time. They'll try to charge you again to work on your fence even though it was their fault that their original fence repair didn't fix the issue at hand.

A great fence company won't put you through this. They'll stand behind their work and accept responsibility before making things right with you. You'll appreciate them taking this approach and will be glad you chose to work with them.

Ask local fence companies about any guarantees that they offer on their fence repair services. You want a company on your side that's going to go above and beyond to ensure you're satisfied with all of the work done on your fence in the end.

Check to See That Your Favorite Fence Repair Company Is Licensed and Insured

One of the biggest mistakes that you can ever make as a homeowner is hiring a company that isn't licensed and insured to work in or around your house.

It doesn't matter if they're fixing your HVAC system, putting in new windows for you, or digging a hole for a swimming pool. If a business isn't licensed and insured, you could end up with a huge headache while you're working with them.

A business license shows that a company has taken the right steps to legitimize their business. It also illustrates a company's commitment to providing its employees with the proper training.

Business insurance, meanwhile, is designed to protect both a company and that company's customers in the event of an accident or some other kind of unfortunate incident. If a company operates without insurance, it could leave a homeowner open to lawsuits and force them to pay for medical repairs and repair costs associated with an accident.

For all of these reasons, it is, therefore, essential for you to work with a Dallas fence repair company that is both licensed and insured. Check to see proof of a business license and insurance before agreeing to work with one.

Arrange to Have a Dallas, TX Fence Repair Company Fix Your Fencing

As long as you've followed all the steps that we've outlined thus far, you should be well on your way to hiring the best Dallas fence repair company in the business. The only thing left to do will be to pick the one you like best and bring them on board for fence repair.

You can do this by calling them on the phone or by filling out the convenient form that they have on their website. This form will ask you to provide information like:

  • Your name, address, phone number, and email address
  • Your service request
  • Your fence repair project's details

After you've reached out to a fence repair company, they'll provide you with an appointment and send someone out to fix your fence for you. They should be able to fix it in a matter of just a few hours in most cases and be on their way.

Do You Want to Make Repairs to Your Fence Today? Call Us to Help!

If you let a fence that is in desperate need of repair linger around on your property for too long, it can turn into a safety and security risk. It can also have an impact on your property's privacy levels, and it can even drag down your home's curb appeal.

Avoid all of these things by calling on a Dallas fence repair company for help with your fencing issues. We can set you up with the handyman services that you need in Dallas, Texas today, and make your fence problems a thing of the past.

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