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Blog Posts in November

  • Ask a Pro: How to fix air drafts?

    Q: With the recent cool evenings and nights, we’re noticing a definite draft around our front door. What do you recommend? A: ...

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  • Mr. Handyman says ‘Let the season begin’

    I’m going to admit to being a big kid here, but please don’t tell my wife. For the next few weeks we’re going to be bombarded with ...

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  • I’m having to run my dryer longer to get our clothes dry. Is it time for a new clothes dryer?

    If your clothes dryer is blowing cold air I’d get it serviced. If it’s blowing hot air then I suspect your issue is a full or ...

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  • My neighbor’s home was flooded when their washing machine hose ruptured. How common is this?

    Far more common than you might think. Washing machine related failures are the leading cause of home water damage losses. Most ...

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