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Blog Posts in April

  • Ask a Pro: How to Install a Swing?

    Q: We’ve purchased a porch swing that mounts to the ceiling via chains. Any tips on how and where to mount it? A: Many have fond ...

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  • Why Mr. Handyman?

    The other day somebody asked me quite directly, “Why Mr. Handyman? With literally hundreds of guys around town that can do my ...

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  • Ask a Pro: Decks

    Q: We want to clean and re-stain our deck. Is it best to use a translucent or a solid stain color? A: The ‘best’ solution depends ...

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  • Ask a Pro: Is my Attic Strong Enough to Store Some Items?

    Q : I’ve been doing some spring cleaning and organizing. I want to place a number of things in storage, and wonder if I can use ...

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