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Blog Posts in 2019

  • Q & A - Keeping the Christmas Tree Fresh

    Q: What’s the best way to keep our Christmas tree ‘fresh’ for the holiday season? A: As somebody that sold Christmas tree’s during ...

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  • Q & A - Stack Firewood Away From The Home

    Q: With the cooler weather setting in, we’re getting a load of firewood delivered. They said not to stack it by the home, but this ...

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  • Mr. Handyman Named Best In Jacksonville

    All companies have goals. At Mr. Handyman our most important goal has always been providing a consistent and remarkably better ...

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  • Q & A - Re-piping Your Home

    Q: We’ve had two plumbing leaks in the last year. Not dripping faucets, the pipes are leaking. Both plumbers have recommended a ...

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  • Q & A - Soffit Screens

    Q: My pest control company says we need new soffit screens to keep pests out of our attic. What are soffit screens? A: Soffit ...

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