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Blog Posts in 2020

  • Home Project Q&A

    Certain topics come up repeatedly with homeowners. If one consumer questions a topic, it’s likely that others will as well. I’m ...

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  • A different kind of holiday giving

    The holidays are going to be different this year. There’s nothing quite like holiday family gatherings, but none of us want to put ...

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  • There’s nothing like a real Christmas tree

    I worked at a Christmas tree lot for 9 years in my teens outside Washington DC while growing up. While I know there was hard work ...

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  • Respecting Your Time

    I had a call with my doctor last week. It was scheduled weeks ahead for 8:30am that day. I received a text the day before asking ...

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  • Keep-up To Keep Costs Down

    Simply put, homes require upkeep. Regular maintenance will be required. For example: Caulking places where water may intrude will ...

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