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Blog Posts in 2020

  • Q: My brother in law has been working in the Home Improvement industry for many years and isn’t getting steady work due to the Corona/COVID crisis. Is Mr. Handyman hiring?

    A: Yes, we are. Business has been building as Florida reopens, and we are now hiring. Your brother-in-law, or anyone, can learn ...

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  • Mr. Handyman Raises the Bar …. Again.

    For most of you looking for maintenance, repair or upgrade services for your home or business, finding a reliable and trusted ...

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  • Q: We replaced some damaged screen panels on our porch, and they are starting to come loose. What did we do wrong?

    A: First, what you did right, you gave it a try. Sometimes, like learning to walk, we stumble a bit. Get back up and try it again. ...

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  • Mr. Handyman Would Like to Thank Some Amazing Hero’s

    Mr. Handyman is proud to be labeled an essential service and we’re proud to be able to help the community in these difficult ...

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  • Q & A: We’ve purchased our first home, a ‘fixer upper’ and we have a lot of 1”x4” trim in rough shape around doors and windows. Is there something better than wood to replace it with?

    A: Congratulations on your new home. You can purchase cement-fiber based products that are designed to replace wood. It’s a bit ...

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