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Home Fire & Flood Protection inGreater Jacksonville

Dryer Vent Cleaning & Washing Machine Hose Replacement Laundry Room

Fire: If you regularly run the dryer a second time to dry clothes, your dryer vent needs cleaning. It is recommended that dryer vents are cleaned every 1-3 years, depending on frequency of dryer use. Lint buildup in vents increases fire risk and reduces dryer efficiency.

Fact: 13,000 dryer fires start in laundry rooms in the US each year, causing 10 deaths and $97 million in property damage. One third of these fires arise from lint buildup.

Besides reducing the risk of fire, periodic dryer vent cleaning allows for efficient drying. Savings estimates range from $.50 - $3.00 a load, depending on load size and degree of obstruction. Reduced wear on your dryer will also extend its life.

Flood: Most washing machines come with a set of black rubber hoses for the hot and cold water. These hoses are under constant pressure and will eventually fail or burst. Fact: Washing machine related failures are a leading source of home water damage losses, costing an average of $5,308 per incident. Water supply hoses accounted for most failures.

At the first sign of cracking or dry-rot, the hoses should be replaced. Mr. Handyman uses replacement hoses re-enforced with steel or nylon braiding for additional protection.

If you require assistance cleaning your vents or replacing your hoses, we can help. If your laundry room needs other help, Mr. Handyman can do drywall repair, paint, install cabinets or shelving, and tile the floor. Some companies just clean vents, but they cannot provide these other services - making Mr. Handyman your best value.

If you need assistance in your laundry room (or anywhere else around your home) call (904) 329-7535 today, or select ‘Request Service’ and we’ll contact you. The link below displays a printable checklist of common services we provide around the home.

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